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Wood For Your Kitchen

Wood For Your Kitchen Cabinets – Which Wood Is Right

Every homeowner looks for distinct and unique wood cabinets for their kitchen that look appealing and match their decor. Some prefer laminate and thermofoil, which are engineered materials, but natural materials are exceptional and give a classic appearance to your kitchen. Because of enchanting color variations and grainy patterns in natural wood, it is the preference of a number of homeowners worldwide.

Kitchens are the most used space in any home, and kitchen cabinets are the most important thing that you need in them. Because of the high usage of kitchen cabinets, you need to select wood that is durable and doesn’t get damaged because of excessive use.

Keep reading if you want your kitchen cabinetry to be a perfect mix of functionality and class.

Cherry, Oak, Hickory, and Maple

Hardwoods are the number one choice for frames and cabinet doors for any manufacturer. To save your kitchen from scratches or dents, hickory and maple are the best wood to choose from. These are hard and highly resistible as compared to other softwood species. These hardwoods are best for cabinetry material, but if you are selecting these for your kitchen cabinets, you need to increase your budget as they are quite expensive.

Mahogany and Walnut  

The dark brown walnut and grainy red mahogany are other standard types of hardwood. Mahogany is a popular hardwood used for kitchen cabinets, giving a warm touch to your kitchen. Walnut is also famous for its elegant appearance and is a wonderful option for kitchen cabinets.

Spruce, Fir, and Pine Hardwood

The cone-bearing trees are the ultimate sources of softwood, which are mainly utilized to give structural support. Softwoods are also perfect for kitchen cabinets because of their soft tone and elegant appearance.

Softwoods like fir and spruce are relatively more rigid than pine and are widely used to make kitchen cabinetry with modern designs. These softwoods are also a perfect material for cabinets that we use for multiple purposes in offices, shops, and garages.

Beech, Birch, Red, Or White Oak 

The complex flame red oak is a hardwood commonly used to make kitchen cabinets. Its flamy and grainy pattern gives an attractive look to the kitchen. Similarly, white oak has straight grains but is expensive compared to red oak.

The straight grainy beech woods and brown banded birch are other types of wood that are perfect for modern cabinets. The prices of these wood types are lower because of their easy availability.

In conclusion,

The selection of the best wood depends solely on your personal style preferences and the cost. You have multiple wood options for your kitchen cabinets, but choose the one that will appeal to your eyes and is highly resistible in case of any damage. 

We hope that with this blog, you now have a whole idea of which suitable wood for your kitchen cabinets will last for a long time for your kitchen.




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