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The Mid-Century Modern Look

The Mid-Century Modern Look: Improve Your Kitchen

The Mid-Century Modern kitchen design is hailed by most industry experts as a close-to-perfect design style for all parts of a house, including the kitchen. But what exactly is Mid-Century Modern? It’s important to know, or at least get a better idea, in order to understand why it could be a great look for your kitchen.

Mid-Century Modern refers to the mid-20th century architecture, furniture, materials, and technologies that became popular just after the end of WWII. Mid-Century Modern design, in general, offers a comfortable and stylish feel to today’s casual home lifestyle and the more open-floor home layouts. The design featured new materials of different shapes and sizes, which was a necessary innovation due to the lack of usual resources which were exhausted by the war.

So, now that we understand what Mid-Century Modern is, here’s why it could be great for your kitchen:

Mid-Century Modern Look: It’s Size-Compliant

The functional benefit of a Mid-Century Modern kitchen design is that even smaller kitchens can be remodeled to adopt the design, meaning a big kitchen is not required. Mid-Century Modern kitchen advocates recommend looking to upgrade your kitchen’s color and finishes, as well as your appliances, should you have a more compact kitchen.

The Galley Style – What & Why

Most Mid-Century Modern kitchen designs feature the kitchen as not its own separate room or area, and seem to achieve this through prominent, parallel countertops. Galley style kitchens welcome a limited space and a limited budget, so if you find yourself limited by both, don’t be discouraged! Embrace it and look to maximize your new kitchen’s function and it’s toys (upgraded appliances, that is).

Alternative Materials, Different Finishes

Part of the charm and unmistakable design elements of the Mid-Century Modern kitchen is in the alternative materials that are often used, such as laminate countertops. Alternative materials means access to different finishes, and an excuse to get colorful.

For example, laminate countertops are cheaper and easier to clean and maintain than granite or quartz countertops. You’ll also find that throwing in (humor us, a bit) orange laminate countertops can give your kitchen an inviting pop.

Mid-Century Modern Look: Freedom Down to the Floor

Originally, Mid-Century Modern kitchen floors commonly featured natural stone floors. While you can say it’s part of the look, that may be a tricky element to include if your budget is limited. Other commonly used materials for flooring include cork and wood.

The benefit of this kitchen design’s tenets is that there are countless new, cheap materials that mirror the look and feel of Mid-Century Modern stone and wood flooring, so you’ll find that finishing the floors of your new kitchen with the complete look are within reach.

The Mid-Century Modern kitchen design offers a lot of flexibility for those looking to remodel their kitchen with a certain budget and kitchen space. Explore the design for your kitchen remodel project!

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