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Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-Toned Cabinets: New Kitchen Trends

It’s true that the most important part of every kitchen has to do with a kitchen’s purpose – to store and prepare food. Good food. But the magic of a kitchen comes from so much more than just its purpose. Kitchens should be visually interesting and stimulating, right? When you have a meal so satisfying that you can’t help but ask what the secret ingredient is, and you’re told it’s “love”, rest assured that the kitchen in which that lovely dish was prepared was designed to cultivate and support that.

That’s why (probably) every year there are new kitchen design trends. There’s a very interesting one this year that we’d like to talk about – two-toned cabinets! Two-toned cabinets are pretty straightforward in that they’re kitchen cabinets with two different and often contrasting colors. There’s plenty to talk about with this trend, so here’s what you need to know about two-toned cabinets:

The Effect

Like we mentioned, two-toned cabinets are trending as a design element that generates a unique visual interest, so the first notable effect is the visual appeal. Next, considering two-toned cabinets from a cost-benefit analysis standpoint you’ll find an interesting secondary effect. The cost of paint and finishes that you’d incur to implement a two-toned kitchen will almost always be significantly cheaper than replacing your cabinetry, so the money saved on making your kitchen appear more opulent is marked. However, because two-toned cabinets are such a hot trend right now, another effect is the increase in your home’s value. Whether or not you’re selling, this is always good.

Suitable for Smaller Kitchens

One very useful thing about two-toned cabinetry is that the trend-specific contrasting colors create the illusion of more space. Ask any industry expert, and they’ll tell you that one of the primary benefits of two-toned cabinets is how they make smaller kitchen spaces feel bigger. While this trend is indeed useful for those with smaller kitchens, those with larger kitchens will still benefit from and appreciate the appearance and feeling of more space.

For Your Kitchen’s Focal Point

Two-toned cabinets also enable you to create a focal point in your kitchen, or otherwise emphasize a specific area or part of it. For example, and taking into account the idea that contrasting colors should still complement one another, going with lighter cabinets around the outer walls of your kitchen and darker cabinets for your kitchen island will make that island pop!

Lighter Colors Above, Darker Colors Below

One thing to keep in mind is the lighter above to darker below approach. The two-toned kitchen cabinet trend is, well, a trend, providing the benefits it does with its unique design effects, if and only if the lighter tones go above and the darker tones go below. Some will say that keeping the darker tones low helps “ground” the kitchen, and we second that idea because kitchens are where people are naturally their best self!

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