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Tips to Clean and Care

Tips to Clean and Care For Your Quartz Countertops

When it comes to cleaning your home, the kitchen deserves a significant amount of attention, particularly the countertops. If you have quartz countertops in the kitchen, you should clean them thoroughly and regularly.

Although quartz is a durable and sustainable material for the kitchen island, it still needs regular cleaning and proper care to stay in perfect shape. Here are some tips regarding how to clean and care for your quartz:

Mild Detergents and Soft Rugs

Cleaning the kitchen countertops daily keeps your family safe and healthy from bacteria, germs, allergens, and health issues. Wiping them down daily is an easy way to maintain them without letting the buildup become so great that you need harsher products. Especially for a kitchen that is always busy with cooking and meal preparations, it is necessary to clean the countertop regularly, be it the kitchen of a restaurant or a big family.

You can use a mild all-purpose cleaner or dish soap mixed with water to clean with a washcloth. Combine the soap/water mixture in a spray bottle. Wipe the stains and mess off of the quartz countertop. Repeat this as needed, but more frequent cleaning will aid the material to stay in good shape for years to come. Also, be sure to wipe off any standing water to prevent eroding, bacteria build-up, and over longer periods of time, cracking. When not cleaned on time, stains can lead to great bacterial growth in the kitchen and damage the quartz.

Plastic Scrapers

Plastic scrapers are a great way to eliminate grime, piled-up gunk-like stuck gums, super glue, and dried grease. Plastic scrapers are a great way to remove stubborn dirt while not leaving scratches or marks on your quartz countertop. As stains are always best to clean and wipe immediately, keeping a plastic scraper readily available in the kitchen for immediate use can be helpful.

Quartz Liquid Cleaner

There are specific products and cleaning agents available in the market that you can buy and use to clean your quartz countertop. Always remember to go for a quartz cleaner with a high level of bleach as it can fade and discolor your quartz countertop damaging the surface. Always read the ingredients of any product before buying it and choose a cleaner with lesser harsh elements.

Rubbing Alcohol

Another great way to get rid of dark and inky stains is rubbing alcohol. You can easily wipe the stains and dirt away with rubbing alcohol and then follow up with warm water and soap to ensure the surface’s shine and look.

Rubbing alcohol is used to clean stains and grime from many things, products and materials. It is a natural substance that is safe to use on most surfaces and doesn’t affect or damage the material’s surface.

Preventive Care: Quartz Countertop

In addition to cleaning your quartz countertop, here are some additional things to look out for to maintain it. Maintaining it the right way will help minimize the damage and wear and tear that the natural stone could go through with time and excessive usage. Here are some tips:

  • Always use chopping boards for chopping, cutting, and slicing. Do not use knives directly on the countertop. This will prevent stains and scratches on your quartz countertop. 
  • Refrain from letting your quartz countertop experience excessive heat from hot pots and utensils, as excessive heat can also damage the surface. 
  • Avoid smashing and breaking things with excessive force on your countertops, as to not crack and break the stone.
  • Avoid using anything that has bleaching agents or is too harsh for the surface.


Quartz countertops are an excellent choice for your kitchen usage, but they need regular cleaning and care to prolong their integrity and structure. You can clean your Quartz countertop with the products mentioned above to efficiently remove the stains and grime and keep it looking like new for years to come. With a little bit of care, you avoid the heartache of having to repair or replace your countertops. These little tips will keep you and your kitchen happy!



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