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Summer Kitchen

Summer Kitchen: 2021 Trends and Styles

It’s always exciting to realize that summer is right around the corner, but even more so as promising news in the fight against COVID-19 suggests an end to social distancing and mask mandates in the near future. These murmurs have created quite the buzz around 2021 home design trends, and to our delight, 2021 summer kitchen trends!

The pandemic affected all areas of life and, like the home kitchen, the many important places in life which present the venues for some of the things we cherish and look forward to most. Baking, cooking, family dinners, or Sunday brunches – whatever it is, the promise of a return to normal life has fueled kitchen design creativity in some seriously exciting ways. Curious? Here are the 2021 summer kitchen trends and styles you need to know about:

The Smart Kitchen

Because technology constantly evolves, “smart” kitchens never fail to adapt to each new year and new season’s trends. Summer 2021 is all about the smart kitchen!

Paint It Black

This summer, we’re taking some advice from The Rolling Stones and painting our kitchen cabinets black. If not black, at least darker. This summer 2021 kitchen design trend will make your kitchen pop by contrasting the color of your cabinets from everything around them.

Quartz Is Here To Stay

Summer 2021 in kitchen design trends will not see a change in the #1 countertop material – quartz still reigns supreme. However, this summer, quartz countertops are trending towards veined pattern preferences and softer, more neutral colors like cream, grey, or taupe. Advanced quartz manufacturing has expanded the design possibilities of quartz countertops, and people are taking advantage!

Customized Hoods

There was a time when kitchen exhaust hood design innovation grew to extend the steel, industrial-looking exhaust hood from industrial spaces into homes. These hoods added to the aesthetics of many, many kitchens around the world. This summer, it looks like another innovation is in order.

A summer 2021 kitchen trend you need to know about is the decorative exhaust hood. People are trading their exhaust hoods (plain, industrial, or otherwise) in for hoods made of wood, brick, and plaster, giving a different feel and endless decorative capabilities.

“Organic” Design Style, Anyone?

It adds up that the dietary health trend of eating organic foods (which you store and prepare in your kitchen) would eventually bleed into kitchen design trends, right? That’s what the National Kitchen & Bath Association is reporting! The organic kitchen design style shot up to the top three kitchen design styles for 2021, up from 10th in 2019.

The organic kitchen design style mimics the simplicity and clean lines of contemporary and transitional kitchens, but adds the warmth and texture of natural materials, such as matte or brushed finishes, a light, soft color palette, and biophilic accents (…plants and such). The point is inspiration from nature and environmentally friendly, and that’s something we can get behind!

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