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Select the Right Handles for your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or just making a few changes to give it a new look, you can’t ignore the handles of your kitchen cabinet. While they’re only a small part of your kitchen, they’re often the first thing that catches visitors’ attention. 

You can’t just select the right kitchen handles as you like since you need to focus on some important factors while buying them. Factors such as theme, placement, style, size, and material can matter a lot. So here is a list of a few tips that you should keep in mind when selecting the right handles for your kitchen cabinets. 


Placement is one thing that you cannot ignore while choosing your kitchen handles. Different types of kitchen cabinets warrant placing handles on different places of the cabinet door. Most kitchen handles are placed in the center of the drawers or a little higher. Select a style that will look good in terms of its placement. 

Color and Finish

This is the most important aspect to keep in mind while selecting kitchen handles. The color and finish of your kitchen cabinets should contrast with your kitchen handles, as you will certainly not place black handles on black cabinets. The color and finish of the handles should also fit well with the kitchen’s aesthetic. 


Keep in mind the theme of your kitchen when selecting your kitchen handles. If you have a more tropical theme, then seashell knobs can be a great choice to accentuate the theme.

Comfort and Functionality

The kitchen handles should be comfortable and functional. They should be comfortable and easy to grip while having a functional design. Be sure to buy good quality and durable kitchen handles that don’t feel difficult or clunky. 

Knobs or Handles

When you decide to buy kitchen handles, the biggest question that you have to ask is whether you should choose knobs or handles? Again the answer lies in the kind of cabinets that you have. See which type will suit best on your cabinets. As a recommendation, kitchen handles are easier to use and open than knobs. 


The shape of the kitchen handles is yet another important factor as they affect your cost and comfort. For example, longer kitchen handles may be a bit expensive because of the added material, but they are the most comfortable for handling cabinets.

While round knobs are comfortable and easy to use, they can be too bland for your kitchen. Instead, designed knobs are a new trend these days and provide a stylish look to your kitchen, so decide wisely. 


Kitchen safety is one important aspect to keep in mind, especially if you have children at home. Your kitchen knobs and handles might be unique and stylish but be sure that they don’t hurt anyone. Choose a design that is safe for toddlers and youngsters alike. 

Bottom Line

There are many aspects to keep in mind when selecting the right handles for your kitchen cabinets. The size, color, design, safety, theme, and comfort are all necessary factors that you cannot ignore if you want to have a stylish and comfortable kitchen. When you consider the above-mentioned tips, we hope you can select the right handles for your kitchen cabinets. 



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