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country kitchen

Rustic Kitchens: Country Style

The country kitchen – synonymous (for the most part) amongst most industry experts with the rustic kitchen – is a fantastic kitchen design trend that never seems to fade away, though the design elements themselves rely on that faded, aged appearance. If you’ve ever been to a dinner party and witnessed a country kitchen in action, you probably know why they’re such a favorite!

Country kitchens are noticeably unique, from their large and deep farmhouse sinks to their darker, richer, and often wooded tones. Like any kitchen design, however, the country kitchen – in all its rustic brilliance – comes with its pros and cons. If you’re in the market for a new home or thinking about redesigning your kitchen, here’s what you need to know about these style kitchens:

The Country Kitchen – History & Features

The history of the country kitchen style goes all far back as the history of farmhouse living, really. The difference now is that most people with country style kitchens don’t live on a farm, but prefer their kitchen to suggest that they do!

That said, listing the features of a country style kitchen is as easy as taking inventory of a rural farmhouse, and doing that would include one or more of the following: pastels, bright colors over darker wooden cabinets, “chunky” wooden furniture, copper, large kitchen tables, and farmhouse sinks. They tend to have a more organic, roll-up-your-sleeves, blue collar feel to them.

The Pros

One of the more noteworthy pros of a country kitchen is the benefits brought on by one of its main features: the farmhouse sink. Not only does it do wonders for your kitchen’s aesthetic, but it’s deeper and wider basin makes cooking feast-sized meals possible and cleaning easy! Another pro is the durability. The rustic features come only with time, suggesting country kitchens last generations.

The Cons

One of the primary drawbacks to country style kitchens, especially when the final design includes extra-rustic elements, is that they can get pretty costly. If budget is an issue, then it may be difficult (and in some cases, close to impossible) to achieve a true country style kitchen. The reason being that this style of kitchen revolves around and depends on certain elements and features that are already relatively expensive.

Worth Mentioning

Some people will tell you that rustic, country style kitchens aren’t for everyone. Those same people may also add that this particular kitchen design suits a more specific personality. While this is accurate to some degree, we hope it isn’t a deterrent! Country style kitchens can range from being very dense, detailed, and ornate, to being as delicate and simple as anyone can imagine.

If you’re on the fence, remember that to achieve the rustic country kitchen requires basic conformity to a theme, and a few central features, such as the farmhouse sink. The rest is up to you, your needs, your personality, and your imagination!


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