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Outdoor Entertainment

Outside Entertainment: Excite Your Guests

Outside Entertainment: Excite Guests With An Outdoor Kitchen

House guests means food, drinks, dining and lounging. This almost always requires a fully functional kitchen, and if you live in a place with even a semblance of four seasons, then you know that the pleasant climate and spirits of summer are not to be wasted, no matter who your guests are. Conversely, your guests certainly wouldn’t hope to be invited to your home on a perfect summer night and be stuck indoors, right?

Humor us, the outdoor kitchen. Two birds with one stone. Have your guests over and entertain them as well as you know you can without compromising on…anything! Outdoor kitchens, when done right, do not lack or exacerbate anything that traditional (indoor) kitchens provide. Outdoor kitchens are becoming an anchor for outdoor entertainment. Here’s what you need to know to excite your guests with your outdoor kitchen:

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Gosh, what isn’t a benefit of having an outdoor kitchen? Seriously. It would probably be easier to generate the list of costs, which, by the way, other than the actual monetary costs, would be hard to come up with. Outdoor kitchens are actually a brilliant idea so collectively agreed upon that the outdoor home design community is pretty unanimous on the benefits. Here are the main benefits of outdoor kitchens:

  • Unique entertainment opportunity
  • Improves your quality of life by increasing time spent outdoors
  • Lower energy costs (where indoor kitchens raise energy bills due to cooking/baking heat)
  • Keep food smells outside
  • More cooking/grilling versatility
  • Saving on dining out

Who needs more than that? Anyone who does may be looking for reasons not to go outdoors.

Increase Your Home’s Value

You can expect your home’s value to increase significantly with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. This makes sense, of course. What this means is, if you’re on the fence about creating your very own outdoor kitchen for whatever reasons, try to shift your perspective on the idea and see it as a long-term investment that will pay off if and when you sell your home in the future. It’s not just a leisurely indulgence!

Common Elements of Outdoor Kitchens

You’d think it’s easy to figure out what your outdoor kitchen should look like or include, but the tricky thing is that to match or maintain the functionality of your indoor kitchen, you need to consider the barriers of outdoor kitchen installation. This also depends on what you really want out of an outdoor kitchen, but assuming the same as your indoor kitchen, here’s a shortlist:

  • A bar
  • Countertops/islands
  • Seating (chairs, couches)
  • Table(s)
  • Grills
  • Oven
  • Smoker
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Food prep surface(s)
  • Ceiling fan
  • Fireplace (optional, but a staple)
  • Storage space/cabinetry for kitchenware and food service

Of course, this list can and should get a lot more specific, but a few common but peripheral items include an outside entertainment system, plants, a great attitude, and a few solid dad jokes!

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