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Outdoor Storage Space

Outdoor Storage Space: Creative Cabinet Ideas

Most people may picture indoor spaces when it comes to cabinetry, but consider this your time to expand your mind to the outdoor possibilities as well. Just like your home’s interior, a lot goes into keeping an outdoor space looking nice. All of these tools, products, and other toys and outdoor accessories you own need a place to be stored, so getting creative with outdoor storage space may offer the perfect solution.

Outdoor Kitchen Area

If you enjoy cooking outdoors in the nice summer months, you probably already have a nice grill set up. You may choose to expand this space and create an outdoor kitchen area. This can be in the form of a simple kitchen island with a grill, or a full outdoor kitchen under a pergola. Either way, expanding the grilling area with cabinetry and storage will create a cohesive look that may give your indoor kitchen a run for its money. 

Narrow Cabinets for Small Outdoor Areas

Not every yard has the space for a full set of cabinets, let alone much room for storage at all. A possible solution is to not make room for cabinets, but to look to utilize wasted space that already exists. Spaces like awkward corners or wasted wall space may  be all you need to add storage into your backyard. There are plenty of versatile and custom cabinet options, such as narrow cabinets that can fit in almost any nook in your yard. Not every backyard has ideal space, but there is an ideal cabinet solution for every yard.

Using Cabinets to Create Spaces

Like the saying “Life is what you make it,” the same idea applies for your backyard as well. Try using cabinets to curate your own spaces. For example, by strategically installing an L-shaped island with cabinetry, you can create a space that feels separate from the rest of your yard. This could be paired with lounge chairs and an umbrella for a comfortable space to relax, or with a fireplace and chairs for the perfect place to entertain guests. It is not always about making space for cabinets, rather using cabinets to make a space for you. 

If you want to incorporate any of the ideas above into your own backyard, our team would be happy to create the ideal custom space for your backyard. Visit our website for more inspiration and to get started on designing the best storage solutions today. 

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