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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Ideas

Summer season is finally here and the outdoor gatherings are ramping up. If you envy your neighbors’ outdoor areas or admire the backyards on home renovation shows, this year is the perfect time to make your own backyard a space for entertaining guests all season long. With a few simple steps, you can have an area you are excited to use and proud to show off all right outside your own back door. Here are a few places to start when curating your dream outdoor kitchen:

Choose the Right Materials

A long lasting outdoor entertainment space starts with quality materials that fit your lifestyle. Start by looking at the area you plan to transform into your outdoor kitchen; consider things like whether or not it is in direct sunlight or if it will face a lot of weather elements in storms or highwinds.

Once you have determined these factors, you can get a better idea of what materials you should aim to install. No matter how mild your climate is, we recommend erroring on materials that are more weather resistant than necessary rather than materials that will break down, fade, and scratch over time.

Stainless steel and stone are popular choices for outdoor kitchen materials, and for good reason. They bring elements of nature to your kitchen and provide a seamless transition to the natural state of your backyard, all without sacrificing durability. Some other great durable options include granite countertops, concrete, and properly treated wood with epoxy coating to reduce fading and wear. 

Prioritize Storage

You are obviously putting a lot of thought into your outdoor kitchen space if you have made it this far, so we can assume it is one you plan on using often. To make storage easy and keep clean up time to a minimum, you should prioritize the storage in your outdoor space so it can hold everything you need. Be sure to find cabinets and drawers that are big enough to hold your outdoor plating preferences, grill tools, and utensils. 

Making space for these things may seem like no big deal, but having everything you need will make your outdoor area feel complete and save you constant trips of running inside for supplies.

Add Your Own Spin

It is important to remember that all outdoor kitchens will not look or function the same, but yours should fit your needs and lifestyle. The grill, the layout, color palette, storage solutions, and decor should be a combination of choices with durability and personnel preference as the priorities. 

If you need help designing your outdoor kitchen space to feel like your own, visit our website to get connected with a professional kitchen team today. We want to help you build an outdoor space that will make party hosting and barbequing easy and fun all season long.

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