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Natural Elements

Natural Elements: How to Improve Your Kitchen

Natural Elements: How to Improve Your Kitchen

It’s natural to think about how to make your kitchen feel more natural, right? The kitchen is, of the many different and important rooms in your home, probably one of the most important places to feel natural. What’s the opposite of natural? Artificial. Given the choice, you wouldn’t prefer artificial food over natural food, would you? No, so let’s agree that natural elements improve your kitchen.

How to go about improving your kitchen by adding natural elements is another story. It’s not as easy as throwing a plant or two on your window sill. There is a method to “natural” – a combination of different design elements that are placed strategically and are well-balanced. Let’s get into that, shall we? Here’s how to improve your kitchen by adding natural elements:

Plants…Of Course!

There is no natural element like a piece of nature. Plants are a natural element that gives life to your kitchen. The more the better, within reason. Filling your kitchen with flora, you’ll find, is more than just a piece of the natural theme. 

The Color Green

A healthy nature is a green one, so it goes without saying that incorporating the color green (a more earthy green, that is) is an easy and effective way to make your kitchen feel more natural. Think about a set or two of evergreen pots, pans, plates and mugs.

If Your Walls Could Speak

If you want to make your kitchen feel more natural, you need to consider something other than tile on your walls. Tile walls are great, don’t get us wrong! But your kitchen walls can make or break the effect of all natural elements combined, so choose wisely. May we suggest grasscloth walls? Grasscloth is great for the walls of a natural kitchen, bringing a warm and organic feeling that tile and other materials may not.

Sunlight > Light Bulbs 

There’s a reason that humans are generally happier and feel recharged in natural sunlight. So much so that an entire sector of lightbulbs are designed with the intention of replicating natural light. Incorporating the element of natural light when it comes to kitchen design may mean adding a skylight or enlarging your windows. In most cases, though, your windows may just be dirty and need to be better maintained to support the other natural elements in your kitchen.

Wood Comes From Trees

When you think of nature, you think of trees. Trees provide wood, and wood is a very popular and durable material for the various facets of your kitchen. These include your kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, and more. You may already have wooden chairs or tables and miss the element of nature. If that’s the case, consider live-edge wood, which keeps the natural shape and texture of a tree on one or both ends. This type of would contrasts (and thus, complements) the other natural elements like plants and sunlight.


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