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Most popular Cabinet Door

Most popular Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchens

Cabinet door styles play an integral part in creating a sleek and stylish look for your kitchen. When going to choose cabinet doors for your kitchen, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, such as the color, style, material, design, and size should all work well with your kitchen theme. 

However, you can find more than 50 different cabinet styles and designs available in the market. Having such a wide variety can make choosing one a little overwhelming. However, keeping all these considerations in mind, you can easily find the best cabinet door for your kitchen. 

People opt for many unique styles and designs of cabinet doors for kitchens, but some stand out more than others. Here is a list of some of the most popular cabinet door styles that you can get for your kitchen. So, it can be easy for you to pick one that perfectly suits the theme of your kitchen. 

Slab Style

The slab style is the most common cabinet door style in the market. These cabinet doors feature very simple construction, with only a single slab of wood in place. It doesn’t feature any other design elements and is generally very minimalist in its design. 

They are also super easy to clean and maintain. People who get these cabinets usually enjoy the fact that they can easily customize their cabinets the way they like. The slab door style is perfect to go with any modern or contemporary kitchen style. If you want a more modern look, you can also get cabinets that don’t feature handles. 

Shakers Style

Shakers are also a trendy style in the market. It possesses a very simple design with just clean lines on it and no other design elements. These doors are made up of a four-piece frame with a flat panel in the center of the door. 

This style was also part of ancient architecture, dating back to the 1780s. This cabinet door style can easily blend in with any interiors you have, thanks to its versatile design. You can opt for a shakers style and merge it with most themes available for kitchens. 

Mullions Style

Mullion-style doors are a traditional architectural feature, but they still reign supreme today. This style features glass panels separated by solid dividing bars similar to what you find in windows. This style is simple yet looks incredible. It provides a warm and vintage look to your kitchen. 

These cabinets are also a great way to add an artistic and rustic aesthetic to your kitchen. It is very stylish, all while being very durable. 

Bottom Line 

The above-mentioned are the three most popular cabinet door styles that you can find in kitchens. However, more than 50 designs are available in the market for cabinet doors. These three styles stand out thanks to their simplicity, durability, and ability to blend in

 with the rest of the interiors.  

When choosing the best cabinet door style for your kitchen, be sure to consider the theme, material, size, and style of your kitchen decor. You always want to get cabinet door styles that compliment your kitchen decor.  


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