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Modern Kitchen minimalist design

Modern Kitchens: Minimalist Style

The modern kitchens minimalist style isn’t necessarily the same thing as a contemporary kitchen in the year 2021, no. The modern kitchen design’s history dates back to around World War I, where people opted for simple, minimalistic kitchens versus the traditional, heavily-adorned kitchens of prior. The more rational and efficient nature of modern kitchen design, they say, was adapted to reflect the spirit of wartime, where supplies were limited and people needed to be more industrious.

Really, the modern kitchen design emerged out of a philosophical movement that occurred around the time of WWI – “modernism”. No one can deny that the evolution of the modern kitchen design was fueled by conflict (because, war). The features and characteristics of the design make perfect sense, which may be why it not only survived WWI, but continues to be a favorite kitchen style. Here’s what you need to know about the modern kitchen design and its minimalist style:

Design Features

The modern kitchen design, with its minimalist style and all, is bold, and prioritizes sleekness and innovation. Natural materials, neutral colors, adequate lighting, open space, clean lines, and no clutter are all major characteristics of modern kitchen design. As a guide for modern kitchen design, should you be confused, think “less is more”. Through these main characteristics and the more nuanced features, modern kitchen design aims for serenity, sophistication, and spaciousness.


One major feature of modern kitchen design evolved in direct response and contrast to an undesirable feature of its traditional predecessor. Traditional kitchens were notorious for having little to no ventilation. While that seems wildly inappropriate for any kitchen design in today’s world, modern kitchens must have efficient but strategic (for minimalist reasons) ventilation.

Other than that, modern kitchens have all major appliances, though probably not two of any such appliances, and definitely the bare minimum of other hardware and accessories (which we’ll discuss in the next section). The minimalist style stresses needs over wants.

Hardware & Accessories

Every kitchen, to be a kitchen, will require most of the same hardware and accessories – the purpose of a kitchen demands so. The idea is to keep things to a minimum, sacrificing on pieces of hardware or peripheral kitchen accessories so as not to strain your modern kitchen’s appearance, storage, organization, or function.


The minimalist style of every modern kitchen is achieved through a combination of several different elements. First, minimalist kitchens typically have deep drawers and roll-out cabinets to maximize the amount of storage. For efficient storage and organization, drawers usually feature dividers, with containers and baskets in cabinets for the same. Another element is the kitchen island. Modern kitchens commonly follow a linear layout, allowing islands to fit right in and, through their multi-functionality (food prep area, dining area, storage, etc), bolster the minimalist style. Another two minimalist style elements are organization and aesthetic. Minimal is the aesthetic of modern kitchen design, meaning organization is critical by definition!

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