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Cabinets - Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

It’s said that kitchen islands crept into the world of kitchen design around the mid-20th century, so they’re a fairly recent part of the kitchen design world as it relates to cabinets. Right around the time that open floor plans became a thing, so entered free-floating cabinets – early versions of the kitchen island. 

You may already have a kitchen island. If you don’t, you probably know what they look like. Whether or not an island is part of your kitchen design, there’s surely an abundance of kitchen island design ideas that you haven’t come across…yet. To fully grasp all the design possibilities, it’s best to have a more complete understanding of islands. Here’s what you need to know about kitchen islands and relevant design ideas:


While the various uses and potential benefits of a kitchen island can make up its essential purpose, the reason people choose kitchen islands is how they serve as the focal point of open floor plan kitchens. In other words, kitchen islands are an informal place for people to gather and eat.


There are seemingly countless benefits to having a kitchen island. Some of the more obvious ones potentially include additional storage, food prep and consumption surfaces, central lighting, a faucet, and various complementary and/or contrasting design features, from material to color, texture, hardware, and more. 

Different Island Types & Design Ideas

Now that you know more about the purpose and benefits of a kitchen island, you can consider which types and styles of kitchen islands best suit your needs and fit into your design goals. There are generally five different types of kitchen islands, though islands can be customized to blend a lot of the distinctive features of these five. 

The different types of kitchen islands include small, non-portable islands, rolling cart islands, counter-height work station islands, base cabinet islands with countertops, and fully functional islands. The last of the five, the fully functional island is a permanent, immovable fixture with plumbing, electricity, cabinets, and work and dining surfaces. While there are more design options and decisions to make up front, a fully functional island is least flexible from a design standpoint. 

The other four kitchen island types provide various different functional elements based on your needs. Your needs will determine the flexibility of your kitchen island’s design. A rolling cart island gives your kitchen a dynamic, constantly changing design while a non-portable island offers additional, focused work surfaces. Base cabinet islands with countertops can complement existing cabinet design by adding extra storage and countertop space while a counter-height work station island highlights those who are more artistic with food prep! It all really comes down to your needs.


Knowledge of the uses and benefits of the different types of kitchen islands combined with your specific needs should help you come up with some unique design ideas. For more information or help with kitchen island design, visit our website or give us a call today!


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