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Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchen design is a constantly evolving thing, despite only the last month or two of each year being when new trends are discussed where they’re discussed, like in this blog. In modern times, one calendar year is simply too long for something like kitchen design to remain parked in place. Truthfully, the same effort and creativity that’s put into the end-of-the-year trend announcements for the New Year should be done seasonally.

The exception, conveniently for our sake, is this year. In other words, the kitchen design trends that will highlight 2022 are unique – affected much differently than trends of recent years. Why? The kitchen design industry has been heavily influenced by the global supply chain shortages due to the pandemic. The almost-universal shortage of goods and resources, delay in production, and subsequent inflation of costs has played a significant role in the kitchen design trends that will emerge in 2022. That said, here they are:

Open Storage

Open storage – namely, wall-mounted shelves in place of traditional cabinets – is a kitchen design trend you’ll see next year that’s almost being forced. That global supply chain shortage has been especially hard on timber, making wood expensive and hard to come by. Open storage is a design element that offers what traditional cabinets achieve at a fraction of the materials, cost, and space.

Mesh Cabinet Doors

Mesh cabinet doors are a bit more specific, and a trend within the trend of open storage, but something unique enough to touch on. For the same reasons open storage is trending as we head into 2022, mesh cabinet doors will burst in popularity. The supply chain shortage of timber has caused kitchen designers to adapt their ideas to accommodate for a lack of traditional kitchen design resources Hence, mesh cabinet doors!


Minimalism in kitchen design has been a natural evolution in recent years, as better tech and storage innovations have resulted in less clutter and a more efficient kitchen environment. In 2022, not a single kitchen design style will be without a touch of minimalism.

Versatile Lighting

Versatile lighting is trending in the kitchen design industry, and will be a major feature of next year’s kitchen as the age of the multi-functional kitchen is fully upon us. The ability to adjust your kitchen lighting to the task at hand is important, no doubt. As for how, where, when and why, look out for app-controlled light intensity, color temperature, dimming, and motion-sensing lighting breaking through in 2022.

Smart(er) Appliances

The innovation of technology (broadly) has been exponential in the last decade, making smart appliances smarter, and giving kitchen appliance technology greater responsibility in the design industry. The pandemic only exacerbated the development of newer, smart kitchen tech. Aside from the major appliances fundamental to most every kitchen, the kitchen appliance market is flooding with the smart version of everything, from digital air fryers to smart waste bins, bluetooth smokers, wifi-controlled Smart Pots, and more.


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