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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning: A Step-by-Step Guide

On any given day, kitchen cleaning can be a lot to ask of your time and energy. Even when kitchens are relatively clean and organized, there’s always something or part of your kitchen that can be cleaner. Not to mention that it seems whenever anyone enters your kitchen and uses anything within it, it needs to be cleaned again. And again, and again.

That’s the beauty of kitchens. We need oxygen to breathe, and food and water to survive. The latter two are most commonly stored in your kitchen, making it and all its upkeep necessary. A dirty, disorganized kitchen will, after all, make it difficult for you to feed yourself and your family, and in some cases even pose health risks when food and beverages are contaminated. With so much on the line, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start and what to do. Here’s a step-by-step kitchen cleaning guide to help you:

Daily Cleaning & Organization

Daily cleaning and organization, while obvious to maintain a clean kitchen, is not as structured and clear-cut as other steps. Some of your tasks come on the spot from accidents and spills. Others, like washing and putting away dishes, occur on their own schedule. Make time and reserve some energy to clean and organize your kitchen daily.

Overall Deep Cleaning

The overall deep cleaning of your kitchen is something that’s done less frequently and involves a totally different process, list of cleaning supplies needed, and set of tasks. Overall deep cleaning is still necessary and arguably just as important as daily cleaning and organization. It involves clearing surfaces, emptying cabinets, and moving all furniture and fixtures, and dusting, cleaning, and disinfecting everything. Set a date to deep clean your kitchen, and do it seasonally moving forward.

Individual Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning certain areas or parts of your kitchen individually is slightly different. For example, deep cleaning your oven individually, which involves scrubbing its interior, is different from the tasks performed on and around your oven when deep cleaning your entire kitchen. Keep the two types of deep cleaning separate from each other, but make sure to plan for deep cleaning parts or elements of your kitchen.

Attention to Detail

It’s impossible to keep your kitchen sufficiently clean and organized without a detailed checklist of cleaning tasks. When creating these checklists, go beyond just the actual tasks performed, and include steps before and after the actual cleaning, such as putting on rubber gloves, getting fresh towels, and picking the appropriate cleaning solution. If you find yourself needing to and creating numerous checklists for different areas and fixtures, you’re doing the right thing. The more checklists, the better.

Cleaning Schedule

Even with the most detailed checklist of cleaning tasks, you may still fail to sufficiently clean your kitchen. Cleaning schedules are an important part of upkeep. Having separate daily, weekly, monthly, and maybe annual kitchen cleaning schedules will help you know what to do and when to do it. 

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