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family-friendly kitchen

Family-Friendly Kitchen: 5 New Ideas

If you have children, however many, then you know what a kitchen can look like at its worst after any number of kids have run through it. On a separate note, you may unfortunately also have experienced one of the endless kinds of accidents that occur when kids run wild in kitchens. Hopefully you haven’t, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your kitchen’s design, but kids always seem to find a way to find the dangers of their landscapes.

Even if you don’t have kids, it’s likely that you’ve visited your friends and family who do have kids, and have witnessed the state of their kitchens. No, a tornado didn’t touch down…that’s the work of children! Whatever your situation, know that you don’t need to compromise on the kitchen of your dreams. Here are five ideas to help establish that your kitchen is family-friendly:

Child-Proofing Ideas

Young children are active and curious. Sharp edges, slippery surfaces, and loose fixtures can be very dangerous, especially in kitchens. Think about baby gates, closed-door cabinetry, high shelves, and installing cabinet drawers and door locks where kids can reach.

Strategic Storage

Storage is important for many reasons when it comes to establishing a family-friendly kitchen, including the need to keep things organized and the more important need to store certain items out of the reach of family members below a certain age. Large families need efficient storage, and lots of it. Things need to be organized and easily accessible, while providing sufficient safety measures. Try pull-out pantries, built-in spice racks, floating shelves and/or cabinets, and lockable drawers (for knives, scissors, and other potentially dangerous items).

Easy-Maintenance Surfaces

Families with kids become messy, and quickly. One of the most critical ways to create a family-friendly kitchen is to choose easily-maintained surfaces and materials when designing your kitchen. Nothing is more family-friendly than a quick and easy cleanup.

All the Right Seating

“One size fits all” doesn’t apply to human beings and seating, unfortunately. That’s why there are chairs and stools of all sizes, and high chairs for babies. Not to mention that different types of seating are required for different tables, bar tops, and other kitchen surfaces. If your kitchen includes a dining table, make sure you have the right-sized, comfortable chairs for your family members. If you have and liberally use a large kitchen island, get accessible high chairs or stools for everyone.

Blackboards: Helpful & Fun

Whether or not you have kids, you probably know that kids love chalk. It can get messy, sure, but the way it engages with and draws the attention of children can’t be overlooked when creating a family-friendly kitchen. Installing or hanging a large, black chalkboard in a strategic place in your kitchen can serve many purposes in a fun way. From recipes to instructions for your kids, a blackboard is an easy way to leave messages, important information, and helpful reminders for your entire family.


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