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Corridor Kitchen: Why It Could Be Right For You

A corridor kitchen, also known as a “galley kitchen” in some parts of the world, is a small-spaced kitchen that has a much greater length than width. The kitchen’s name stems from how such kitchens appear to be as if fitted in a hallway, or corridor, and were born out of the need for every small apartment or home to have a fully functioning kitchen with limited space and a nontraditional layout.

Limited space and nontraditional layouts aren’t a requirement, though. While like any kitchen design the corridor kitchen comes with its pros and cons, and costs and benefits, what makes the corridor kitchen unique may make it more suitable for your needs. Here’s why a corridor kitchen could be right for you:

Your Kitchen is Long & Narrow

Of course, the first and foremost reason a corridor kitchen could be right for you is if your home or apartment’s room or space dedicated to being a kitchen is long and narrow, or otherwise limited as compared to most modern homes and apartments. The standard layout features two parallel walls, often lined with the fixtures, countertops and storage found in most kitchens, that run the length of the kitchen with a narrow walkway in between. Like we said, the corridor kitchen was conceived from spaces like this, so if your kitchen is long and narrow, it may be right for you.

You Favor Efficiency

With limited space and a much different layout than traditional kitchens, the corridor kitchen requires efficiency. Typically, one side of is reserved for cooking and the other side reserved for cleaning, with the cabinetry and storage usually being open or doorless in order not to make the space feel more confined. 

This is where the corridor kitchen excels. An efficiency boosting design feature of corridor kitchens is the “work triangle”, where movement and function is made easy between and across the parallel walls through the strategic placement of the sink, oven, and refrigerator.

You Value Accessibility

When combining the need for efficiency and making the best of limited space (i.e. open storage), corridor kitchens magically become very accessible. Everything that you need from food and ingredients to cooking materials, pots, and pans, is (and should be) no more than a few steps away. No need to open drawers or cabinet doors, or to walk back and forth and around a kitchen island to do what you need to do.

You Do Your Own Cleaning

Of course, once cooking is over (and hopefully after eating, too) comes the need to clean. Dishes aside (whether or not you have a dishwasher), the same benefits and advantages make them very easy to clean and maintain. Having a corridor kitchen is great if you like to clean up after yourself as opposed to hiring professional cleaning services.


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