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Colors for Kitchen Design

Colors for Kitchen Design – Summer’s Most Popular

Spring is already here, and depending on where you live. You may already be experiencing the joys of summer. Regardless, summer 2022 is all about embracing new interior design trends. After spring cleaning, it is time to switch up the colors in your home. If you’re looking for the perfect colors for your kitchen design, you are in the right place.

Sure, much culinary magic takes place in the kitchen, but that is not all. It is also the perfect spot for morning coffee, mid-day snacks, impromptu gatherings, and long conversations. So, your kitchen is more than just a space to prepare meals.

In addition to being a functional area, the kitchen is also a social hub where you can reconnect with family members. Therefore, your kitchen’s interior design should serve as inspiration. Below are some of the most popular colors for kitchen designs this summer.


For many years, green was not a popular kitchen color. However, the last few seasons reveal a shift in kitchen color choices, and greens lead the pack. As summer 2022 arrives, many homeowners opt for shades of green for their kitchen walls, windows, or cabinets. 

If you’re a fan of nature-centric hues in the house, you’ll love painting your kitchen’s walls with forest greens and grassy tones. But if you’re scared to go all the way, you can also create a combination of cream walls with green cabinets and a Kitchen Island.

Fortunately, greens come in many shades ranging from bright parrot greens to pale mints. Find one that fits your style and incorporate the lush color choice in your kitchen design. If you want to get more experimental, you can choose another complementary color to make the green pop.


Pinks offer a lot of room for creativity, so this color has outgrown feminine bedroom designs and is now a popular kitchen design color. It is especially true for hues like pastel, light, and blush pinks.

Using pink in your kitchen can add a fresh, cozy, and soft vibe regardless of the shade. Both soft and bright pink shades go well with upcoming seasons such as fall and winter. So, you won’t need to switch the colors up anytime soon.

To create a more playful vibe, you can choose a bright candy pink or hot pick. Or you can also opt for pastels if you prefer gentle yet impactful colors. 


There is always a blue that can smoothly fit in a particular design trend and setting. Blues can set the tone for interior design everywhere, let alone in the kitchen. Blue is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bright color and has neutral undertones. 

The best thing about this color option is that blue is always soothing, regardless of your color. Even so, different blues can radiate different vibes and conjure different moods

For instance, teal can add a rich, oceanic vibe to your kitchen space, whereas sky blues remind you of a cozy summer day. If you want your color choice to be trendier and more unique, you can mix in another tone or opt for blue colors like pale aqua and deep turquoise. 

No matter the hue you choose for your kitchen design, blue always feels youthful and captivating.





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