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Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops

Like any part of the design industry or part of a remodeling process, there are many factors to consider – a lot of them the same regardless of what’s being designed or remodeled – when choosing the right kitchen countertops. Some of those considerations have to do with you, like what your design goals are, your budget, whether or not you have a family, how much or often you use a kitchen, and more.

Other considerations have to do with your kitchen, from its existing design style to the condition of each facet of your kitchen, to the size of your kitchen, its current functional capacity, and more. All this means is that there’s a lot to think about when choosing the right kitchen countertops, but don’t let that stress you. Here’s what to know to choose the right countertops for your kitchen:

Complementing Your Kitchen Style

A key piece of knowledge is that, when designing or remodeling a kitchen, cabinets are usually selected after countertops. The idea is that, generally, you build around your kitchen countertops. However, if for whatever reasons you’re only in the market to choose new kitchen countertops, then you have to consider your kitchen’s existing style and design elements, and choose countertops that blend in and complement your kitchen’s design. 

Countertop Material Considerations

Along the same lines, you should expand your knowledge on the types of kitchen countertop material out there, the pros, cons, cost, and maintenance of each, and more. Here’s a guide from Consumer Reports to get you started.

Your Budget

Budget is always an important part of selecting kitchen countertops. Obviously, if money wasn’t an object and you didn’t have to consider the cost of any countertop, it’s installation, and upkeep, then you have access to any and all. Because most people have a budget, it’s worth knowing that most natural stones are more expensive, natural wood falls all across the cost range, and laminate countertops are usually the most affordable

Space Availability

The size of your kitchen will limit the space that’s available for your countertops. In some cases, it may even play a significant role in determining the types of countertops you can select from. For example, it may be difficult or even impossible to choose certain types of natural stone if you have a really small kitchen, as some natural stone countertops come in pre-cut slabs. Even the thickness of natural stone countertops affect this decision.

More Specific Tips

There are some things to consider that don’t have much to do with design, function, or cost. For example, if you have three young children – already a difficult bunch for you and your spouse to look after daily – then we suggest picking countertops that aren’t easily damaged, and which won’t suffer in appearance, as kitchen countertops do when facing spill and pollution-prone children. White granite shouldn’t be your choice if you make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the morning and macaroni and cheese in the evening.

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