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The Cabinet Center / Kitchen  / Benefits of Having an Island in Your Kitchen

Benefits of Having an Island in Your Kitchen

If your kitchen can accommodate the requisite space, an island is a fantastic addition to almost any home. They offer a new level of working space for the involved chef or busy family, tons of additional storage, and honestly, they just look stunning. If you’re thinking about adding an island counter into your kitchen, consider the amazing benefits of making the leap!


 We said it above and we’ll say it again – more storage, more storage, more storage. The addition of an island expands your options significantly when it comes to drawers, pull-out shelves, and cabinets. Plus, there are so many clever ways to integrate them, including some stealthy options that don’t look like storage areas at all. The options on how to build out your dream island are endless, and can ultimately free up other storage areas or counter space when you use the new cubbies to store small appliances and other dishware!


 If you’re designing a kitchen with a family in mind, the island is a great place for kids. They can do homework on bar stools so you can keep an easy eye on them while preparing dinner, or section them off their own counter space to be the perfect little sous-chef. If there are any appliances you want your children to access with ease, try setting them on the island in an easy place for little hands to reach.

More seating

 Nobody ever complained about having more room to accommodate friends and family, and an island can offer more seating than otherwise possible. Whether your island buys you two or six extra seats, your guests are sure to thank you when everyone can kick their feet up while still staying in a social space instead of segregating individuals into different rooms due to seating limitations.

Appliance locations

 There’s something stunning about building in a stove or sink into the island – it offers such a unique feel to a cooking space. Plus, if your island faces the table or living area, you can wash dishes or do cooking while facing your company and remaining an active participant in the conversation. Another added benefit is the increased equity this simple feature can add to your home, as any dedicated host or hostess is sure to appreciate the accessibility.


 Let’s be candid, islands are beautiful features. You can choose a counter material that matches the rest of the kitchen, or do something different but complementary to create a visually complex space. Coupled with the material of the island cabinets and storage areas, it can be an immediate statement to make your kitchen something truly gorgeous.

Islands aren’t a possibility in every house, but the basic principles can always be creatively applied to add a little something special to your space. If an island is something you find yourself considering, we encourage you to make it happen so your space really shines!


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