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5 Kitchen Trends for 2021

Kitchen Trends: 5 New Ideas for 2021

As the end of this year nears, there is no doubt that next year’s kitchen trends will be at the very least heavily influenced by, well, this year. Thankfully, it seems as if life will return to normal soon, but either way, life revolves around home, and home revolves around the kitchen. 

Your kitchen, or the kitchen of whichever family member you may be visiting for the holidays, will certainly be strained as most kitchens are this time of year. It may even expose its vulnerabilities – parts of its whole that crave a fresh start to the new year just as we all do. With that said, here are five kitchen trends for 2021:

Kitchen Trends: Quartz Countertops

A trendy kitchen does not come without price tags that make you think hard, especially when it comes to countertops. Like cabinets, countertops don’t just get swiped out (if needed) like kitchen appliances, making them a staple investment in your kitchen.

Unlike the granite trends of old, quartz countertops look just as brilliant (if not more), and require less effort to install and maintain. This also means that they’re easier to clean, and if this year has taught us anything, it’s better to worry less about what you’ll be using to clean and disinfect your beautiful countertops, and how often you’ll need to do so!

Kitchen Trends: A Backsplash That Stands Out

Functionally, kitchen backsplashes are meant to serve as protection from…backsplash. Whether it’s hot, soapy water from the sink, oil splatter from a frying pan, or cake batter from a whipper that slipped out of your niece’s hand, your backsplash is there to fence in the unavoidable residue that comes with culinary creativity.

But no one said that a backsplash has to be boring and flat-colored! What 2021 holds for kitchen trends includes customized backsplash designs. Light grey tiles for your kitchen backsplash pair well with a variety of quartz countertops, if you liked our first 2021 trend suggestion.

Color Your Cabinets

We could all use a bit more color in our lives in 2021. Does your kitchen get a lot of natural light? Go for a lighter, creamy yellow. If your cabinets are new, or don’t yet need to be replaced, look for a paint that won’t chip or lose its color when disinfecting, and is easy to clean.

If your cabinets need to be replaced, well, give us a call!

Hidden Appliances

2020 reminded us (like 2008) that “home” – and thus, our kitchens – is where the heart is, and not necessarily tied down to one piece of real estate. Recessions and economic uncertainty often move people into smaller homes, and this means a smaller kitchen. Think “integrated appliances” in 2021!

Eco-Friendly is Your Friend

An eco-friendly kitchen has been on the upward trend for years, as well it should be. Saving the environment while saving your money is a kitchen trend that will never fade!

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