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Why are White shaker cabinets so popular these days

White shaker cabinets have been gaining popularity over the years and has been rising the charts in terms of multi-utility and servicing. The experts believe that white shaker cabinets are going to stay trendy and hip for many years to come.

Why are white shaker cabinets so popular? There are many reasons as to why they’re rising in popularity, but most importantly they are versatile and fashionable. They’re featured in every major TV show and is a crowd favourite when it comes to decorative styles.

Shaker style cabinets were invented decades ago, to appear to be plain, durable and functional. The wood used to build these cabinets, were around what was easy available and in abundance. Pine was the main material, which was typically stained a lighter colour.
So, what makes white shaker cabinets so popular these days?

#1 Durability
White shaker cabinets stand the test of time and have become one of the most durable cabinets that you can opt for. As tastes evolve and preferences change, white shakers have been the standard for many American homes. They’re the perfect canvas for you to experiment with in your homes. You can add different colours, countertops, lighting, and designs to make them look completely different.
That’s why they’re such a popular investment. Not only do they look beautiful, you can create stunning works of art on this palette. Durability is the number 1 reason why white shakers have become so popular these days. The experts at The Cabinet Centre can help you pick out the right white shaker cabinet. With hundreds of options available, you’ll leave smiling and satisfied.

#2 Versatile and Trendy
The second most important aspect of white shakers are the fact that they’re super versatile. That’s why they’ve become one of the trendiest cabinet bases available. They can easily adjust to any design, any preparation or any style.
Its versatility has made it popular among artists, interior designers and cabinet manufacturers. Along with that, white shakers have also become a marquee cabinet choice for many homes. This is because there are so many things you can do with white shakers, as you become the artist of your own home. You can pick just the right shade, and just the right style to satisfy your personal taste in interiors.

#3 A clean and modern look
When picking out the right cabinet set, aesthetics count for a lot. That’s why the experts at TCC believe that you need to go for a white shaker for your cabinets. It’s modern and clean look attract the eye instantly and make it so that people are left stunned by the appearance of your home.
The white shaker look is ultra-fashionable, and people love flaunting it whenever guests come over. One of the biggest reasons why people love white shakers is because you can install them in literally any part of the house. Not only do they go great in the kitchen, they can be installed in the laundry room, the pantry, etc.

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