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Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops: How to Make Your Kitchen Pop

It has been a slow but sure climb to the top of the high-end surface material food chain for Quartz. Now prominent in many kitchen designs, Quartz was virtually nonexistent in kitchens and bathrooms, and all the other areas you may see them in homes today.

Though still in competition with other surface materials such as stone, Quartz adds a unique stylistic touch with convenience, as it doesn’t need to be sealed like stone.

Why? Quartz is man-made, and manufactured in a way that combines several stone-like materials with plastic or cement-based binders. But what else sets Quartz apart from other surface materials? Read below to find out how you can make your kitchen POP with Quartz countertops:

Quartz Countertops: Color Options

If you’re the type to include an array of different colors in your kitchen design, or more broadly, many different colors around your home, then Quartz is a great way to make your kitchen pop! Granite and other stone surfaces come in a small spectrum of colors, as they’re naturally mined.

Quartz on the other hand is manufactured and can be found in virtually any color. With so many color options, you get all of the functional and design benefits of Quartz without limiting your color options. The more colorful your kitchen, the more a color-specific Quartz countertop will make your kitchen pop.

Quartz Countertops: Low Maintenance & Easy Repairs

Typically, if your goal with your kitchen countertops is to make them pop, weaker, more destructible surface materials that require more maintenance are the go-to. Quartz offers none of the downside of other surface materials while offering the same pop!

Quartz is as durable as concrete and granite, and doesn’t chip or crack easily. In the unlikely event that your Quartz countertop does chip or crack, this beautiful countertop material is manufactured with few to no imperfections, meaning it can be easily repaired.

It’s also non-porous, meaning it is stain-resistant and won’t shelter germs, bacteria, and viruses. All, of course, while looking as luxurious as any countertop material, which brings us to our next point. 

Engineered Beauty

The beauty of Quartz is in it’s engineering. To make your kitchen pop a little extra with Quartz countertops, you can actually find or order stone and/or glass to be incorporated into the Quartz resin. Quartz is manufactured with the depth and luster of other luxurious natural stones such as granite and marble in mind.

More Pop, Similar Cost

Quartz is priced competitively with other high-end surface materials like slate, marble, granite, and concrete. But if you’re looking to make your kitchen pop, Quartz offers a much bigger color selection and almost none of the downside of its competitors. So it may very well be a better investment than alternative countertop materials!

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