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Outdoor Countertop

Outdoor Countertop Materials – Cool and Refreshing

Hot summer days call for tasty cookout foods, refreshing drinks, and close friends. Hosting an outdoor summer party is no small event, and there are many details that go into creating a chill environment for your guests. Beyond the menu, drinks, seating, and music is a small detail that will be a game changer to your cookout: outdoor countertops. Here are some of the best outdoor countertop options that allow you to enjoy the hot weather, but keep your countertop surfaces cool to the touch:


Granite is a popular pick for indoor kitchen countertops, but they also prove to be functional outdoors as well. Granite is a strong, durable, and heat resistant material that can withstand the elements of the outdoors. It can withstand extreme temperatures from both your outdoor grilling activities and the sun exposure all summer long. Be sure to take color into consideration; a lighter granite color selection will stay cooler than darker tones. For optimal results, invest in an epoxy topcoat with UV protection properties to keep your granite looking good for a long time.


Another stylish option for outdoor countertops is quartz. Quartz comes in a wide range of colors, each with unique patterns, making it a great way to add your own special touch to your outdoor grilling area. Even better than its beauty, quartz is an engineered non-porous material that makes cleaning off barbeque sauce and grease no big deal. 

Things to Consider

Just because granite and quartz are the top contenders for the best countertops that will stay cool in hot conditions, does not mean they are the only options. Another popular countertop surface is concrete. While it tends to get hotter than quartz and granite in the sun, it is extremely durable and can even be a cheaper solution. Concrete countertops would be ideal in an outdoor setting that is out of direct sunlight. Other options like white glass, wood with an epoxy finish, and tile are less durable than the other, but can add a stylish twist to your outdoor area if your climate and lifestyle permits it. 

If you need help with designing your outdoor kitchen space and need a professional opinion, visit our website today. We have a team of professionals that are passionate about finding the best solutions for you!

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