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How to Protect Your Counters from Hot Food, Hot Plates, and Hot BBQ Items

Summertime means all things hot – whether it’s hot weather or hot dogs – there are a lot of fun activities to look forward to enjoying in your home and backyard. Plus when you combine the two, that means good memories made barbequing with good friends and family. When you’re enjoying delicious food and long days, the only concern you want on your mind is how perfectly your burger turns out – not whether or not you’ll damage your kitchen while dishing up the fruits of your labor. When it comes to preparing all your favorite barbeque classics and laying them out for everyone to dig in, you’ll want to be sure the buffet is assembled in just the right way so everyone can get what they need without any accidents happening. Here’s how to protect your counters from hot foods, hot plates, and all the other usual suspects at the barbeque.

Seal Your Counters: For most counter materials, properly sealing them after installation is the first line of defense against avoidable damage. Although most counter materials are durable, it doesn’t mean they are indestructible to heat damage or stains. Wood or laminate counters don’t need to be sealed, but stones like granite most certainly do. Granite is fairly heat resistant, but it can still be affected by the high temperatures of a pot or pan right off the stove. A sealant is definitely not the ultimate protection against possible heat damage, but it’s a fantastic first line of defense, and you’ll find will be a lot more forgiving if someone accidentally spills some condiments that don’t get noticed right away.

Use Serving Plates: Instead of being tempted to place hot pots and pans directly onto your counters, use serving bowls, plates, and trays to keep the barbeque organized and your kitchen safe from potential hazards. Plus, serving trays can be easier to access, while also avoiding accidental touches that could cause burns on someone’s hands – especially if there are children around. By transferring your patties, beans, hot dogs, and other delicious sides and main courses to designated platters, you’ll keep things organized, keep your guests safe from potential hazards, and ensure your counters are fully protected.

Use Hot Pads: Although serving platters are a great way to avoid causing damage to your counters, for some people they are just more trouble than they’re worth. Especially when you’re cooking for a high volume of people, it can quickly become overwhelming to transfer all the prepared foods onto separate surfaces, and it can also double your number of dishes. If serving platters are a nice thought, but not for you, then hot pads can solve all your counter-related concerns. Although some people just like to use towels, it’s important to be careful as the loose ends can be a hazard for accidents that could cause injury, and condensation can get trapped underneath which could also affect some surfaces. For many counter materials that may not be an issue, but it all depends on what you have in your home. To cook with confidence, try silicone pads or thicker cloth trivets that are specifically designed for hot pots and pans. These will keep your food accessible, and your counters safe from heat damage.

Once barbeque season rolls around, the most important part is enjoying quality time with friends and family. The last thing you want is for quality time to compromise your quality counters, so try one of the above suggestions to make sure your counters last just as long as the fun memories

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