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Clean and Care for Cambria Countertops

How to Clean and Care for Cambria Countertops

We’ve created our fair share of luxury stone countertop content – from maintenance guides to cleaning tips, pros and cons, and everything in between, we’ve covered what’s what with almost every type of luxury countertop materials available. If you’ve been following, nearly all of our lovely literature on luxury stone countertops have focused on granite, marble, and quartz.

Time to hit the refresh button! Today, the countertop material of choice is Cambria. It’s actually engineered quartz, so not totally new, but it is an exclusive type of engineered quartz surface. “Cambria” is actually the brand name – the name of the Minnesota-based exclusive manufacturer. Since quartz is not technically a natural stone (several different natural stones, including quartzite, are used in the production and engineering process), you’re right in assuming that Cambria countertops have a distinct composition versus other quartz, making their cleaning and maintenance also slightly different. So! Here’s how to clean and care for your Cambria countertops:

Cambria’s Features & What They Mean For Maintenance

We must say that the way Cambria describes the engineered quartz surfaces they produce is elegant. To quickly summarize, Cambria countertops are made up of 93% crushed quartz and 7% pigment and binder, are nonporous and non absorbent of moisture and food materials, and resistant to microbial growth and scratches – all of this while also settling in the throne of countertop and interior design aesthetics. These features mean you won’t have much to do, really (lucky you).

Cleaning & Care: What To Do

There’s good news and there’s good news. Which one do you want first? The good news about “caring” for your Cambria countertops – aka, maintenance – is that they’re maintenance-free. No joke! You can read it right on their website. As for cleaning, because the countertop material is what it is (see previous section), very little needs to be done when cleaning. It’s no more than washing your countertops with a soft cotton cloth soaked in warm water and mild dish soap.

Cleaning & Care: What NOT To Do

Probably the most exciting thing about how to clean and care for Cambria countertops is how many times they repeat the list of absolutely-do-not-do’s. In short, when cleaning, do NOT use heavy or harsh cleaning solutions and wiping materials. Also, do NOT seal or polish Cambria countertops and never use bleach or cleaning powders like Comet. For a list of approved cleaners, check out this short memo.

Keep In Mind

You can see that, despite being arguably the most coveted luxury countertop material right now, Cambria Quartz is surprisingly low maintenance. Much of the reason Cambria countertops require little (to no) maintenance is due to the production process. For the same reasons it appears, Cambria countertops are susceptible to getting damaged by, “sudden and/or rapid change of temperature.” On their website, Cambria adds that the direct transfer of heat from pots, pans, and other cooking units, may also cause damage and should be avoided.

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