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Countertop Color

Countertop Color: Top 5 Ideas

A more sophisticated aspect of kitchen design is making a deliberate choice on the countertop color. The material your countertops are made of, of course, affect and sometimes limit your choice of color, but you’d be surprised by just how much variety you have access to no matter the material your countertops happen to be.

So, whether your priority is color and you’re choosing the type of countertop material based on feasibility, or you’ve determined what kind of countertops you want and are wondering how to add color, there are some things you should know. Why, yes, we’d be happy to help! Here are the top five countertop color ideas:

Good Old Paint

Paint is one of the easiest, most affordable, and most commonly used tools when it comes to color. Of course, accessing the wealth of color options that paint provides depends on what kind of countertops you have or aim to have. You wouldn’t dare put a drop of paint on quartz or granite, would you? We hope not! 

Even with wooden countertops, when it comes to color manipulation you’ll be going for a quality finish or stain. Only in some cases should you deliberately paint your wooden countertops a specific color. Paint is a great way to spruce up your countertops with color if they’re, for example, laminate.

How to Utilize Finishes

While stone countertops like quartz are very popular, wood is still a great option and one that provides a lot of color selection. With wooden countertops, your choice of color really depends on your kitchen’s overall theme. If you’re shooting for rustic or more casual, then a lighter colored wood is great. If you’re shooting for a sharper, more formal kitchen, then either a darker wood or a darker stain/finish will do. With dark, think anywhere from burgundy to brown.

Stone & All the Greys

Kitchens with light-colored cabinetry and other light design elements mix well with the darker, flatter grey of stone countertops. A smooth concrete island with matching countertops around your kitchen walls gives a kitchen a very clean, contemporary look and feel, and is a relatively affordable option. It turns out that because soapstone is a metamorphic rock and in-part due to the way it’s mined, the refining process both exposes and amplifies the color scheme within the rock. It can make your kitchen look magical!

Stone & All the Patterns

The cool thing about stone countertops, whether they are man-made stones like quartz or natural stone like granite, is that there are natural patterns and off-color elements dispersed throughout the otherwise white or lighter colored stone itself. Look for a stone countertop that has pronounced or even exaggerated patterns and colors. Especially with quartz, you may even be able to find suppliers that have quartz that is manufactured specifically to include brighter colors to make the shiny surfaces pop and add character!

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