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Why the Right Cabinet Finish is Important

Cabinet Finish: Why It’s Important

The cabinetry in any kitchen is definitely a focal point of the space, which means it’s incredibly important to understand what exactly you’re looking for so you can pick the right cabinets for your perfect designing aesthetic. This task will require thorough research, as well as looking through a wide variety of samples, as each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

As serious as this decision is, choosing a color and finish for your cabinets based on the style you envision for your dream kitchen is going to be one of the most exciting and satisfying milestones in the process. That said, it’s important to understand all your options to ensure you find the right cabinet finish to fit your home and your lifestyle.

Matte finish

A matte finish provides a distinctive design option, as it reduces the reflection of light to provide a flat look without shine or gloss. This particular aesthetic can work well with both country-style homes and modern-style homes, depending on the accessories you pair with the cabinets to pull the room together.

Having a matte finish on your cabinets comes with many advantages, one of the best being its resistance to showing fingerprints and imperfections because the light doesn’t reflect off the cabinets as it would a gloss finish. Another favorite is that the color of your cabinets will remain consistent throughout your kitchen as the light changes during the day.

However it’s important to note, this type of finish will absorb the light, making the color look more muted – which also won’t help the space feel any bigger than it is. With the texture of matte, it’ll be harder to clean in comparison to a glossy finish, but using a microfiber cloth will help get the job done. 

Glossy finish

High-gloss finishes have become increasingly popular lately as they reflect light beautifully, as well as open up any space. This type of finish works great for lighter color kitchens, and has a contemporary appeal. That said, if you choose a white cabinet with a high-gloss finish, the light could bounce around your kitchen, picking up on different colors and possibly altering the look of your kitchen a bit.

One downside to cabinets that have a glossy finish is that fingerprints and scratches are more easily noticed. However, high-gloss is easy to clean, just be sure to use a microfiber cloth to ensure there’s no etching of the beautiful surfaces, protecting your investment. 

Cabinet Finish: Happy medium

If you aren’t being pulled in either direction, a semi-gloss finish may work best for you. With the gloss finish, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the light reflecting and bouncing around the kitchen, brightening your home.

On the other hand because it isn’t a high-gloss finish, fingerprints and scratches will be less noticeable. With that, it’s just as easy to clean as a high-gloss finish – making it an attractive compromise.

When it comes to remodeling to enjoy the home of your dreams, every detail matters. Making sure the finish of your cabinets complements the rest of the design – between the countertops, backsplash, flooring – is just as important as making sure your color scheme works in harmony to bring your designing dreams to life.

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