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Why Lazy Susan Cabinets Are Coming

Why Lazy Susan Cabinets Are Coming Back

Ahh, the Lazy Susan. One of the most creative storage inventions ever, and one that has certainly withstood the test of time though its popularity and usage has fluctuated! For those who don’t have or use, or have never seen (or even heard of, though highly unlikely) a Lazy Susan, it’s a turntable that helps in the distribution of food. It’s often placed in the center of a round table during meals, where people can turn a Lazy Susan to reach their desired dish. The Lazy Susan is said to have been invented in the 1720’s or 1730’s. Since its invention, the Lazy Susan has been adapted to being installed (most commonly) into corner cabinets to make difficult or unusually shaped storage spaces more accessible. While having gone down in popularity in recent years due to different kitchen design and storage trends, the Lazy Susan cabinet is making a comeback. Here’s why:

Versatile Storage

Wherever your Lazy Susan cabinet is located – which, to be clear, can be in any cabinet even though it’s most commonly in corner cabinets – it makes your cabinet more versatile with what you can store and how you store it. The Lazy Susan can be used to organize and easily reach spices and cooking materials in upper cabinets, while managing the storage and access of kitchenware in lower cabinets.

Better Organize Cabinet Space

Whether you install a Lazy Susan in one of your normal upper or lower cabinets, or it’s built into the more traditional corner cabinet, the Lazy Susan offers unique storage and organization benefits unlike anything else. Corner cabinets are especially hard to efficiently store and access things. The Lazy Susan enables you to organize and store items, and just as easily access and use each item, instead of guessing and reaching for things only to put them back almost blindly while making a mess.

(Re)Set The Trend!

Contemporary kitchen design and kitchen storage is certainly pushing forward and constantly evolving. Each new year and next season comes with new trends and innovations, and change is definitely a good thing – we encourage change! But one thing is for sure in the world of kitchen design and storage, and that everything is cyclical. Like the Lazy Susan, design and storage trends constantly rotate, providing you a unique opportunity. 

Be part of the reason for the comeback of the Lazy Susan cabinet by including it in your kitchen storage. Not only will you benefit from a storage and organization perspective, but you’ll also be a trendsetter! Lazy Susan cabinets are a great topic of conversation, and your friends and family will give you major props for your comeback cabinet choice when they see your Lazy Susan!


The name Lazy Susan really doesn’t do justice to how wonderful and useful a storage and organization tool the Lazy Susan really is, though it definitely makes sense. Give it one try and you’ll understand right away why they’re making a comeback!

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