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What is the Best Color

What is the Best Color with White Cabinets?

White cabinets are trendy in kitchens worldwide. They look neat and clean, and give a sense of brightness to the kitchen. But that isn’t all; you can make it more fascinating in a number of ways, like pairing them with countertops with appealing color combinations.

Without a doubt, white cabinets are always an easy choice for homeowners, as it is quite easy to match them with any countertop color. So, you are not stuck in a box when selecting the best countertop color that looks appealing with white cabinets.

Here are some of the colors that go best with white cabinets.

  • Wood
  • Black
  • White 
  • Brown 
  • Gray

These countertop colors are the first choice of any homeowner when selecting white cabinets.  So, let’s dive deeper into this topic and learn more about the best countertop colors that fit amazingly with white cabinets.

Bright-Colored Countertops

Light Grey and pure white colors are the brightest and most astounding colors and give the kitchen a sense of freshness and light appearance to the kitchen. 

When you go with light colors, you will become able to add designs to the countertops, like dark veins or accent pieces design.  Adding this kind of design shows the creativity of the homeowners.

Dark-Colored Countertops

The combination of black and white is always a classic combo for ages, and when it comes to kitchen cabinets, this combination works the best.  Adding a dark countertop with white cabinets is a perfect way to give an edgy look to your kitchen. 

The dark and light contrast is perfect for a modern kitchen, but when you add some styles to it, it will look gorgeous.

Black and White Countertops

If you go with the black and white combination for your kitchen countertops, you will get the correct mix of contrast for your kitchen design.  This combo develops a visual interest and will look fascinating to every person who sees your kitchen.  

When we talk about getting a black and white combination for our kitchen countertop, the Granite Dallas is the first choice to get this kind of mix.

Bold Color Countertops

As it is mentioned above that if you have a white color cabinet in your kitchen, then you are full of color choices as white color matches every type of color. This is why you can’t ignore bold-colored countertops.  

Bold color countertops include inviting green, bright yellow, blue, or alluring red countertops.  When they go bold, homeowners get rid of dull and typical white and black countertops in every old and modern kitchen. 


The countertops mentioned above are the most stunning options that go best with white cabinets. It all depends on how you feel and what you want to see in your kitchen.  The countertop colors are the thing that can upgrade or degrade your kitchen’s appearance, so make sure you are selecting the best countertop color to go with white cabinets. 



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