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Sustainable Cabinet Solutions

Sustainable Cabinet Solutions

Sustainability across all industries has been a growing trend over the last few decades, and for good reason. Among all of the world’s other anxiety-inducing current events, good environmental practices have become the status quo due to global warming and the excessive consumption of our planet’s natural resources. Sustainably-sourced materials and eco-friendly manufacturing are a few of the primary ways in which you can do your part when designing your home or workspace and picking out your cabinets. While there are more than you’d probably imagine – cabinets aren’t the first thing to come to mind when thinking about the environment – here are 3 sustainable cabinet solutions:

Eco-Friendly (& Healthy) Materials

The great thing about sustainability is that cabinet solutions that are healthy (or healthier) for the environment are also healthy for you, your family and your friends. Some popular eco-friendly materials include (but aren’t limited to) Lyptus, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. The key with sustainable cabinet materials is that they’re renewable resources, whereas traditional cabinets are often made out of non-renewable resources. 

These materials are beautiful and durable, though they may come with the slightly higher sustainability price tag. What you pay for apart from peace-of-mind for you and the environment are health benefits like cleaner air and less exposure to potentially harmful toxins and finishes that traditional cabinets often have.

Third-Party Verification

There are actually several institutions and organizations that play a role in sustainable cabinet practices, some of which are specific to the cabinet industry, and some of which apply their supervision broadly across many industries. The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, and the Environmental Stewardship Program, or ESP, are organizations that certify cabinet manufacturers. You should look to get your cabinets from companies that have one or both certificates.

From a broader perspective, look for cabinet companies and manufacturers that follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s, or EPA’s, Federal Toxic Substance Control Act Title VI. This (believe it or not) sets the standard for formaldehyde emissions, which can be prevalent in the manufacturing of certain sustainably sourced cabinet materials. Also, look for companies that follow strict ventilation and filtration practices. This helps the environment’s air quality. 

Recycled Hardware

Sustainability with cabinet solutions is pretty comprehensive. It comes all the way down to the finest details, including cabinet hardware. A lot of the aforementioned third-party verifications and certifications, as discussed, demand in their eco-friendly checklists more than just specific, sustainably sourced materials, a standardized manufacturing process, and strict environmental practices – no. Every last detail needs to be sustainable.

Enter cabinet hardware. Everything from cabinet door handles to knobs and pulls need to be sourced from recycled materials that aren’t found in the list of not-eco-friendly materials. Sustainable cabinet hardware is the easy part, so don’t skip out on it!

When it comes to cabinet solutions, sustainability is something we should all aim for. Doing your part, we hope, should be a bit easier now having discussed the 3 sustainable cabinet solutions above!

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