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Simple Solutions To Make Your Rooms

Simple Solutions To Make Your Rooms Feel Bigger

You can say that the number one way to make a room feel bigger is to get a bigger room, but that’s not always a realistic solution. What’s more realistic is that you have limited space in each of your rooms, and you’re trying to at least maximize the feeling that your room is bigger than it is. Ideally, in doing so, you won’t compromise on your room’s functional utility. In other words, depending on which room you’re aiming to make feel bigger, you won’t need to sacrifice furniture, appliances, or other things for which the room is designated to be used. Making a room feel bigger doesn’t always mean you should get rid of things that contribute to storage, organization, or activity (like a desk). The key word is feel, so here are 4 simple solutions to help make your rooms feel bigger:

Open Storage

Storage is essential to pretty much every room on every property. Most storage components like cabinetry are closed-door. Opting for open-shelf storage will literally open up the space in any room, and make rooms look and feel surprisingly bigger than they are!

The Effect of Color

A surprisingly effective but more complicated way to make a room feel bigger is to strategically paint it. Mixing too many colors, or using colors that are too contrasting, can have the opposite of the intended effect. Generally, lighter toned color palettes sort of “lift” a room and make it feel more spacious, so giving your room(s) a color-lift may very well be the way to make your spaces feel bigger!


Mirrors are one of the best interior design and decorating tricks to make a room feel bigger. A well and appropriately-placed mirror in a living room or hallway can add depth to any wall and give the illusion that a space is bigger than it is. Mirrors are especially useful in making smaller bathrooms feel much bigger, since mirrors are a fundamental bathroom element. The bigger the mirror, the better!


The trick in using lighting to make your rooms feel bigger is to understand the different purposes of different types of lighting. Take your bathroom, for example. One central, hanging lamp will fail to effectively light all levels (ceiling, eye-level, floor) of your bathroom, but it’s nooks and crannies as well. For any room, layering the heights and types of your lighting is critical in order to make each different room feel bigger. Along the same lines, there’s no better light in making a room feel bigger than natural light. Natural light comes through windows, the most of which literally open any room and make every room feel and look bigger.


Making your rooms feel bigger using the above-four solutions is easy. All it takes is a specific analysis of what your room does and doesn’t have in the way of storage, color, mirrors, and lighting, and the mind to make the right adjustments!

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