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Signs It’s Time To Replace your Cabinets

Signs It’s Time To Replace your Cabinets

Unlike some other elements of a building or property, it’s relatively easy to see the signs that it’s time to replace your cabinets. At their best, cabinets are an attractive part of the overall design of a building or property’s interior and exterior areas. They provide seemingly unlimited storage and countless different ways to organize that which you need to store.

At their worst, cabinets can be unattractive and drag the appeal of any space down with them, while simultaneously failing to store your items or provide a way to functionally organize the things you need to store. They can smell, too (more on that later). All things considered, here are signs it’s time to replace your cabinets:

They Look Permanently Dirty

Over a long enough period of time, even the most well-maintained cabinets will wear down and depreciate in condition. They may eventually reach a state in which they look dirty even after being cleaned. In such cases, it’s a sign they need to be replaced.

They’re Damaged Beyond Repair

Simply put, there’s a threshold for all cabinets in which damage becomes irreparable. Accidents, water damage, fires, defective parts, poor installation, and many other things may damage your cabinets beyond repair, but one thing is for certain: if your cabinets can’t be repaired, it’s a sign they need to be replaced.

They Don’t Function Properly

Even without clear and significant damage, over time, cabinets can stop functioning. This may look like a cabinet door that doesn’t open or close properly, cabinet hardware (such as knobs and pulls) rusting and falling off, and shelves collapsing. Normal wear-and-tear over time diminishes the integrity of all cabinets, so malfunctioning cabinets is a sign they need to be replaced.

They Look (And Are) Old

Aging cabinets stand out for several reasons. After ten or fifteen years, old cabinets look outdated and begin to be polarized from other design elements in a given space. Not just that – old cabinets lose their shine, color, and texture to a degree that makes their age and level of wear-and-tear obvious. If your cabinets clearly show these signs, it’s time to replace them.

You Need More…or Different

If you’ve had your cabinets for long enough, you may eventually reach a time where your need for storage space exceeds what your existing cabinets provide. You can only do so much to modify the available storage space in your cabinets. At some point, you may need to consider replacing your cabinets to accommodate your growing storage needs. Separately, you may simply just need (or want) to change your cabinets. Perhaps you got new appliances and need new cabinets to fit the new appliances, or you decided to redesign a room’s layout and your old cabinets just don’t fit into your new plans.


Hopefully by now you have a better idea about the signs that it’s time to replace your cabinets. The truth can be tough, but we’re here to help. Visit our website or call us today!

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