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Outdoor Cabinet Protection

Outdoor Cabinet Protection: Winter How To Guide

Regardless of climate, outdoor cabinetry requires maintenance and certain protective measures in the winter. If you’ve invested in outdoor cabinetry, versus various outdoor storage areas and containers, then it may be assumed that you’re invested in the design and appearance of your property’s outer areas.

This is a good thing! Everyone should care, and they should be able to care without being deterred by winter, and all of the adversity that winter brings. Just like we, as humans, layer ourselves with protective clothing and accessories when going outside in the winter, our outdoor cabinets require the same attention. Here’s how to protect your outdoor cabinets during the winter:

Outdoor Cabinet Protection: Clean, Even if Already Clean

Outdoor cabinets naturally require more maintenance and cleaning than indoor cabinets. This means that, as far as outdoor cabinets go, you may already have a pretty active cleaning schedule. Try to apply the “Spring cleaning” creed to your outdoor cabinets just before winter.

First, empty them. Before beginning the actual cleaning, make sure to throw away any waste and remove or replace any materials that may get damaged due to the winter climate, including anything that may leak or freeze and potentially explode.

Following this, scrub and treat the inner and outer surfaces of the cabinet using the appropriate cleaning solutions and tools.

Outdoor Cabinet Protection: Get Proper Cover Materials

Whether your outdoor cabinets came with weatherproof covers or not, buying outdoor furniture and appliance-specific covering may save you a lot of time and money in the long run. The best way to protect your outdoor cabinets during the winter is to invest in extra covering that is durable and will proof your cabinets from snow, sleet, rain, hail, cold weather, and anything else that a typical winter promises.

If, for example, you have the privilege of and plan on enjoying your outdoor cabinets during the winter, make sure to apply a protective weatherproofing finish on any wooden cabinets.

Outdoor cabinets made of other materials should be cleaned with non-abrasive tools regularly, so that dirt, dust, and winter conditions don’t build up and/or erode the cabinet exteriors.

Store Your Cabinets Strategically 

One of the best and cheapest ways to protect your outdoor cabinets during the winter is to avoid the winter. If any of your outdoor cabinets are not fixed into a wall or the ground, and are (relatively) easily moveable, then moving your cabinets indoors overnight or when the winter forecast looks bleak is a wise move!

If your outdoor cabinets are larger and more difficult to move, or you don’t have enough space for temporary indoor storage, it may still be useful to move your cabinets to under the nearest roof or up against your home, garage, or guest house. Whatever winter may throw at you and your outdoor cabinets, be proactive!

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