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Outdoor Area Transformation

Outdoor Area Transformation: Custom Cabinets

A good outdoor space for entertainment and welcoming guests is hard to find, but it does not have to be hard to create. Here are a few ideas to inspire your outdoor area transformation:

Backyard Bar

Building a backyard bar is the perfect way to bring vacation home to you. Whether it uses a pre-existing outdoor wall or is under a pergola placed on the patio, this trend has gained traction for great reasons. A backyard bar can double as a kitchen area if planned strategically. With the right cabinetry layout, you can be sure to have plenty of cabinets and a mini fridge to keep your alcohol of choice, without sacrificing the space for other kitchen essentials. 

Areas to Entertain

A complimentary area of the backyard bar is a space to entertain. If you already have an outdoor eating and bar area, consider adding a space to watch the game, listen to music, or sit around a fire after dining ends. An outdoor t.v. is a great way to elevate your outdoor kitchen area and eliminate the choice of enjoying the cookout or watching the big game. T.V.’s are not built to sit in harsh weather conditions, so consider custom cabinets that house your t.v. when not in use, but open up and reveal the perfect watch spot. 

Gardener’s Dream

If you are not so focused on the entertainment aspect in your backyard and instead want to create a tranquil space to grow a luscious garden, outdoor cabinetry can also help with that. All of your gardening tools, topsoils, and pots need a place to be kept, and there are plenty of outdoor storage units that can be discreetly installed in places that will not take away from the natural beauty of your garden. 

No matter what vision you have for your backyard area, outdoor cabinets will help transform your space and add the much needed element of functionality. Visit our website or give us a call today for inspiration on your next project and help from our trusted professionals- we are happy to help!

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