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High Quality Cabinets

High Quality Cabinets – How Do You Identify Them?

Kitchen cabinets are long-term investments, so they should last for years even if you use them roughly. They are significant for their aesthetics, functionality, and storage space. Therefore, their quality should remain the same even if you do a couple of renovations in your kitchen.

If you want to make your kitchen look beautiful, this article is just for you. Have a look at some characteristics of high-quality kitchen cabinets.

How are they constructed?

It is one of the crucial parts of identifying high-quality cabinets, as this part includes the foundation of cabinets. It is essential to know about the bracing material and joints as these components are what the box of the cabinet is made from.

The m, manufacturers of cabinets mostly use glue to combine the pieces of wood, so don’t get shocked if you see the glue in any corner of the cabinet. The bracing is crucial for any cabinet as it gives durability and strength to the cabinet. 

Frameless and traditional wood cabinet boxes

Frameless is a process of manufacturing the cabinet without the front frame. In contrast, the frame of a traditional cabinet box is one and a half inches from where the cabinet closes, so If you are looking to consider a traditional frame cabinet, make sure it has the best construction, perfectly adjusted joints, and good bracing in traditional or framed cabinets. You have done an excellent job as these are all requirements of it.

It should have perfect drawers

While selecting high-quality cabinets, never ignore the drawers. The drawers are a storage space for every kind of stuff. Some drawers can be heavy, so the thing to observe in identifying high-quality cabinets is its drawers’ potential to bear some weight. 

The joining of drawers either from glue or mechanical slides or stand should be capable of bearing enough weight, and you can easily open and close it. With the advancements in mechanics, cabinet makers ensure the soft-closure of drawers, and the best thing about this soft-close feature is that you can’t even slam it with force as it is designed to make things simple and easy. 

Plywood construction

Generally, cabinet manufacturers go for particle board or plywood, the first choice for making kitchen cabinets. The plywood is the best choice for every cabinet maker because it doesn’t expand in moist environments. 

Particle boards are not always, and it just requires perfect installation. If you have cabinet boxes in your cabinet layout and fix them next to each other, then the particleboard sides hide won’t get damaged. Thin particle board drawers never last for an extended period because the only way to attach them is by stapling the joints.


Not all cabinets are constructed equally, and there are a number of things that effects cabinet quality. To identify high-quality cabinets, you must research every parameter, from the cabinet’s construction to its interior. Make sure to have a brief look at wood joints, wood frames and drawers, and a soft-close drawer feature. These are all vital things that give you a complete idea of the quality of a cabinet. 




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