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craftsman style cabinets

Craftsman Style Cabinets: Benefits of a Timeless Look

There is so much more to the craftsman style than the timelessness of the design style, and by timeless, we mean its visual appearance, the length of time it’s been around in the history of cabinet design, and more. In the realm of cabinets, from trends to functional choices and versatility, the craftsman style is worth a closer look.

Better yet, it’s worth a blog post! Like any other cabinet style, the craftsman style has its pros and cons, and costs and benefits. What considering this cabinet style comes down to is a few things, including which room they’d go in, whether you’re remodeling an entire space or just upgrading your old or existing cabinets, your budget, and a few other things. Whatever these considerations add up to, craftsman style cabinets can definitely fit in. Here are the benefits of the timeless look of craftsman cabinets:

Wood – The Most Timeless Cabinet Material

The primary element of the craftsman style is the inclusion and use of wood. Wood has been used in the construction of every aspect of the earliest version of the type of house we know in civilized societies. While wood is still used in most of the construction process of homes today, it’s synonymous with craftsman style cabinets. That said, they are most commonly made of birch, oak, cherry, or maple wood. 

Simple is Forever

Another characteristic of craftsman style cabinets, and something that is not exclusive of the fact that they’re made of wood, is the simplicity of the design. They can remain, after manufacturing, in their natural state. They may also be stained or painted. That part is based on your preference and concerns your overall design goals. However, simple means simple. Your craftsman style cabinets achieve their status by carrying traditional, antique aesthetics, which means little to no ornamentation. 

Straight, Clean & Minimal

The features of craftsman style cabinets – the things that make it so recognizable beyond the organic-ness of wood, the primary element – are that they have straight, clean lines, and as we just explained, minimal decoration. For the timelessness of the craftsman style cabinet to actually be a benefit means they must be as their cabinet ancestors were, which is primitive in terms of design. The benefit, today, would be that straight, clean lines and minimal decoration make them very versatile and adaptable to more specific design goals.

The Place of Shaker Cabinets in Craftsman Style

Because craftsman style is what it is – timeless, made of wood, simple and relatively plain in design, as we have already established – it allows you the choice of Shaker cabinets. These feature plain squares and rails along a flat panel, and a recessed door, and add a sophistication to the timelessness of the craftsman style that is unique. These complement minimalism without compromising on the full and functional storage of the craftsman style.

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