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Coastal Summer

Coastal Summer Aesthetic – Custom Cabinets

Summer is finally here, and it can be easy to miss the feel of the beachfront condos once the vacation is over. Lucky for you, we have some great tips for incorporating the coastal summer aesthetic into your own home for a vacation day, every day:

Coastal Vibes

Bringing the beach indoors can be a great way to liven up the interior of your home. Coastal interior design choices tend to lean more neutral and comforting, which will transform your space from boring to bright. When selecting kitchen cabinets for living room storage, select a light wood tone- if you would find the color in nature, it is safe to say it will match the coastal aesthetic. You can also find minimalistic hardware in brushed metals of your choice to finish off the bright and airy beach vibes. 

Beachy Accents

It does not always take a full makeover to change the aesthetic of your kitchen or living space. If you do not want to commit to an entire room makeover, start with accents in hardware and details to bring in your desired atmosphere. For a beachy look, consider incorporating coastal textures like rope handles, natural wood, and shiplap wood panels in furniture accents. You can also find plenty of natural wood picture frames, glass vases, and rope shade chandeliers that will be perfect for an elevated take on the coastal interior aesthetic.

Storage for Beach Essentials

Whether or not you live in a beach town, you will still need storage for any of your warm weather activities and accessories. Your mind may instantly go to big plastic bins or eye-sore sheds, but storage solutions do not have to be boring. At The Cabinet Center, we have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor cabinetry and storage solutions. If you have an idea you just need turned into reality or own a unique space that needs help, we also offer cabinetry customization. Check out our website where we will help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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