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Choosing Custom Cabinets

Choosing Custom Cabinets – 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Unlike stock cabinets, which are standardized and have fixed elements, sizes, and costs, custom cabinets involve the kind of decision-making that is heavily affected by your wants and needs, choice parameters, and the trade-offs that take place with each preference. What this means is that people are liable to make a lot of mistakes when choosing custom cabinets!

This is a serious matter, because the wrong choices can result in design disasters which can cost a lot to fix. It’s easier to avoid such problems if you learn from others before you who, in the process of choosing custom cabinets, made those mistakes. Some are common. Others, not so much. Of all, here are 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing custom cabinets:

Quality Over…Everything

Custom cabinets can and often end up costing more than stock cabinets. Even within the pricier-than-average custom design space, there’s a range of choices that span from cheapest to most expensive. In most cases, better quality materials will cost more, but concerning custom cabinets, it’s best to make the highest quality choices you can afford, even if it means stretching your budget a bit more. Stock cabinets are designed to last with cheaper but durable, standardized materials. Custom cabinets are not, so it’s quality over everything.

Don’t Get Too Excited

One of the most common mistakes that people make when choosing custom cabinets is over-personalizing, or over-customizing them. Unlike stock cabinets, custom cabinets are available specifically for people who want to personalize their cabinetry. To friends, family and visitors, personalized custom cabinets will certainly appear charming and invite comments, but it’s also traditionally the job of friends, family and visitors to appreciate and validate your design choices (even if they aren’t sincere). 

The truth will inevitably come out in the long run if you decide to sell your property, and making the mistake of over-personalizing your custom cabinets will be exposed. How? Potential buyers may find it hard to like or relate to over-personalized custom cabinets. In the event they dislike your cabinets enough to decide to replace them after purchasing the property, how much they offer for it will be reduced less the cost of redesigning. So, don’t make the mistake of over-customizing your cabinets, as it may lower your future property value.

Don’t Abandon Purpose

In the realm of custom cabinets, it’s easy to get carried away with cabinet materials, sizes, shapes, finishes, and the intricacies of their design elements. In a lot of cases, the further you go in the design choices you make for your custom cabinets, the less optimal they are in their purpose – storage. In regards to the infinite choices you’ll face when designing and choosing your custom cabinets, there’s always something better. You’ll always end up with another choice or further step you can take, but don’t make the mistake of taking away too much storage space – it’s what they’re used for.

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