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Black Kitchen Cabinets – The Modern Kitchen

Luxury. Sophistication. These are two of a few of the words associated with black kitchen cabinets, which have become an exquisite corner of the modern kitchen design style. A lot of it has to do with what the modern kitchen design style is, what it’s characterized by, its common elements, and a few other considerations. Some of it just has to do with the fact that black kitchen cabinets are uncommon and a choice that requires bravery.

One thing that we can be certain of is that black kitchen cabinets are not a choice that blends well, if at all, in other kitchen design styles. I mean, can you imagine black cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen? Or black cabinets in a cottage kitchen? No? You’re not crazy. Black kitchen cabinets are gaining attraction, and fast, so if they’ve piqued your interest, read on. Here’ s what you need to know about the modern design style and black kitchen cabinets:

Modern Kitchen Design: A Brief History

Despite its name, the modern kitchen design style actually started around World War I. What you should know is that the modern kitchen design style features flat surfaces, bold, geometric forms, and little to no ornamentation. The modern kitchen makes sense and is efficient.

Bold in Bold

As we just discussed, bold – be it by the bold angles and curves of your kitchen furniture and other major components – is a fundamental feature of the modern kitchen design style. There is nothing more bold than black when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Therefore, black kitchen cabinets in the modern design style are bold in bold. Choosing black cabinets for a kitchen isn’t for those who ask, “why?” They’re for those who ask, “why not?”

Matte It

At first, many people may be deterred from black kitchen cabinets because they see or picture such cabinets in a shiny, glossy finish, God forbid a flat finish. While glossier black cabinets often work and can look great, matte black is excellent. Matte black cabinets give that cool and contemporary appeal without drawing attention the way glossy does, letting your kitchen’s other style elements and features stand out.

The Black & Steel Friendship

When people think of how to boost the appearance of their kitchen a la black cabinets, not many think about using their kitchen’s hardware and appliances. Refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers – the stainless steel ones – are a perfect match for black cabinets. You can even look beyond stainless steel appliances to steel hardware, such as handles and knobs. Stainless steel and black cabinets are a friendship made in modern kitchen design heaven.

Black Cabinets & Countertops

Another thing you need to know about black cabinets in a modern kitchen is how they work with your modern kitchen’s countertops. While you’re not limited to one or only a few of different countertop materials, black kitchen cabinets pair well with marble countertops, creating a monochromatic appearance and adding to that overall sophisticated look. 

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