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How To Design A Rental Property

How To Design A Rental Property

Real estate is a great investment, and can have great returns if you lease out commercial or residential properties. Among the many factors that affect and ultimately decide whether or not your investment yields a reasonable return and your investment is profitable is how your rental property’s cabinetry is designed. Storage space is a pull-factor for potential tenants, and a property’s storage – its cabinets, more specifically – will influence your ability to consistently lease your property for maximum returns. It’s not just the amount of storage space that potential tenants look for; obviously, the more cabinet space available, the better. The visual appeal of a property’s cabinets, from the way that they’re designed to their placement and accessibility matters, as do the different types of cabinets available. All things considered, here’s how to design a rental property from a storage standpoint:

Commercial vs Residential

It’s true that some types of cabinets will fit into the design of both commercial and rental properties. Your design plan should account for the broad and specific storage needs of potential occupants, and there’s a big difference between commercial and residential storage demands.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Indoor and outdoor cabinets look very different (obviously). It should be easy to design your rental property’s storage while making this distinction. One mistake you shouldn’t make is to pick one or the other. Unless your rental property is an apartment in a complex with no external storage, your design plans should include both indoor and outdoor cabinets.

Visual Appeal

When talking about how to design a rental property, the design part of it – as in, the chosen styles and aesthetic appeal – is just as important. In both commercial and residential properties, it stands that choosing ugly designs and unappealing colors, textures, and materials, will deter potential occupants. Knowing your property’s target market is key in choosing visually appealing cabinets and storage.

Purpose: Specific & Versatile

In the end, the occupants of a rental property will use its cabinets – or more broadly, any and all storage areas and spaces – however they want to, or however they find it useful. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t design your rental property to include cabinets and storage of a specific purpose based on which room they’re in, where they’re located in that room, and the anticipated usage. 

For example, if your rental is an upscale residential property with a fireplace, a firewood storage cabinet may be a value-adding design element. Less specifically, versatile storage features make all rental properties more inclusive for everyone. Things like metal rolling cabinets for office spaces or rollout pantry for residential kitchens make rental properties more appealing and valuable from a storage standpoint.


Designing a rental property, as it pertains to its cabinets and storage, really is just common sense. Knowing what people need and why will help you figure out how much and where.

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