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What Do I Need to Start My Bathroom Remodel

Renovating any space is a time to enjoy feeling fully inspired and unlock your creative side because it’s your perfect opportunity to fully redesign the area to meet your wants and needs. Between picking out the new tile for the shower and tub area, and deciding on what type of vanity to install, it’s always exciting to finally build your dream bathroom. However, it’s also a time to make sure you understand the renovation process so you know what to expect, common challenges, and avoiding potential pitfalls that catch some homeowners by surprise. Before you jump into the exciting stuff, you’ll want to learn about some important things to get you started on your bathroom remodel.


Before you start window shopping for the perfect furnishings, it’s very important you figure out how much money you are wanting to spend on this remodel. This budget will help guide you on the difference between what you want in a new bathroom, what you actually need, and then what you can afford. If you’re going to hire professional help, which is recommended and oftentimes necessary, you’ll need to do your research about how much that’ll cost. Once you have that number, you’ll be able to figure out how much money you can spend on the more exciting things like tiles, paint, and lighting fixtures.

A plan in place

There are many different approaches you can take when you’re renovating your bathroom, ranging from simply adding new tile to completely starting over with a blank canvas. Before you get going on the renovation, you’ll need to decide on a new design and/or layout that will ultimately make your vision come to life. One important item is the color scheme, as it will likely affect what you choose for paint, tile, cabinetry, hardwear, and countertop designs – making sure everything is cohesive before construction will ensure there are no interruptions during the renovation process. You’ll also need to decide on if you’re keeping the current layout, or repositioning big items like the shower or toilet, as this will affect the plumbing and water lines.


Having a timeline in mind for the project as a whole, and for the smaller steps, is key to having a smooth and successful renovation. Most homeowners are under the belief that a bathroom renovation should only take a few days because it’s such a small area. This isn’t exactly the case most of the time, as there are many different technical steps that may need to be worked through. When you create your plan, you should take note about how long items will take to be delivered. If you’re able to make sure the items get delivered when your contractor needs them, this can be a big help in avoiding the project from being prolonged.

When you decide to begin your bathroom remodel, the process of it all may seem intimidating. Understanding beforehand what you truly need, can afford, and how much time you’re willing to spend will get you started on the right track – so you can focus on enjoying the fun part of the process, as well as the final project.

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