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The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color: How to Choose

Choosing a selection of paint colors for your home may seem like a straightforward task, but it can be much more than just your personal style playing a role in your selection. Human psychology has a strong relationship with color: hues can evoke feelings and impact how someone perceives the space.

Choosing a color for your bathroom will not not only transform the look of the space, it will transform your experience in it as well. Here is some insight as to how you can use colors to achieve your desired ambience in a space:

Bright Whites

If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you have probably noticed that most beds are made up with white linens, white pillow cases, and a neatly tucked white comforter. This uniform setup is no accident: it is curated to make the space in which you are staying feel crisp and clean. 

Utilizing the color white in your bathroom can bring the same feelings of cleanliness to your home. Incorporating white tile, countertops, and/or cabinets elevates your space to have a sleek and pristine space.

Earthy Tones

Blue tubs were all the rage in the early to mid 1900s. While that design choice may feel outdated, there are good reasons to include an updated twist to similar colors in new remodels. Incorporating earthy tones in your bathrooms is a great way to make the space feel calm and refreshing. The color blue is known to create a sense of tranquility, and hues of greens represent a healthy and fresh space. These colors are complemented by bronze and copper hardware, which will complete a full earth tone palette for your home. 


What better feeling is there than to walk into a bathroom that feels luxurious and pampering? This atmosphere can be accomplished by incorporating darker colors such as deep maroons, purples, or navy blues. These rich colors create an ambience of exactly what their name implies- a grandeur and extravagant look. Subtle accents of gold, bronze, or copper tend to pair well with this color palette. To complete the luxury experience in your own home, be sure to light  your favorite scented candle. 

Cheerful Hues

If you dream of a bathroom that feels like a rom-com scene of dancing in the mirror and singing into your hairbrush, a brighter palette is for you. Oranges and yellow evoke feelings of happiness and cheer, while pink compliments the good vibes with a calm and pleasant tone. This color palette is a great way to lean into your personal style and give you a reason to smile when you walk into the room!

If you have great ideas for your bathroom that you need help making a reality, visit our website to get connected with the right team for the job. Get started in creating your dream bathroom with us today!

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