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Signs Your Bathroom Cabinets Need a Makeover

Bathroom Cabinets: Time For A Makeover

If you’re reading this and wondering whether or not to replace or refurbish your bathroom cabinets, take this as the first sign that you should. For actual signs, read the rest of this blog!

Bathroom cabinets face a lot of unseen wear and tear, and often take years to show signs of needing a makeover. Short of a disaster or accident, they deteriorate so slowly that you may not notice any differences in condition on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

All the same, bathroom cabinets face dust, dirt, humidity, water and other miscellaneous bathroom liquids, and common hygiene residue, or some combination of all of the above, on a daily basis.

Oh, they also carry the weight of everything that we all store in our bathrooms, which, if sagging bathroom cabinet shelves serve to tell us anything, means they have heavy burdens!

Bathroom Cabinets: Discoloration and Rusting

We’ve all seen it – you open your bathroom cabinet door, remove a towel or other large item, and see a large stain or discoloration on or soaked into the surface. You may even wonder who spilled coffee in the cabinet, and yet it’s not likely that coffee was spilled. 

If you see that and/or rust on the cabinet handles or screws, yep – take it as a sign.

Flaking, Chipping, and Cracking

All parts of your bathroom are subject to flaking, chipping, and cracking, including the doors, shelves, and drawer box bottoms. They occur when people are careless or abrasive, but over a longer period of time, are signs of long-term wear-and-tear.

Bathroom Cabinets: Sagging

If your bathroom cabinet shelves or drawer box bottoms are sagging, consider replacing them as part of a broader makeover. The trick is, if you’re not able to find identical shelving, it may mean your bathroom cabinets are old, and this suggests a makeover is due. As far as drawer box bottoms, these can be difficult to replace, so again, makeover.

Mold and Bad Smells

If your bathroom  smells bad, and the smells persist after you empty and clean them, and even leave an air freshener for extra measures, then it may be a sign that a makeover is due. 

Bad or musty smells often are a sign of mold, and mold is DEFINITELY a sign that your bathroom cabinets need a makeover. In actuality, mold means they need more than just a makeover. 

Noise When There Should Be Silence

Even if you don’t see any signs that your bathroom cabinets need to be replaced, you may hear the signs. Modern bathroom cabinets are mechanically brilliant in that they make little to no noise when opening and closing. Whether drawers or doors, if your bathroom cabinets are making any noise during use, it’s definitely a sign that they may need a makeover!

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