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Semi-Custom Bathroom Vanities: Benefits & Advantages

If you scroll back through our blogs, especially the ones that feature or include anything on semi-custom bathroom vanities and bathroom remodel projects, then you’ll find a thing or two about semi-custom vanities and bathroom cabinetry. Usually, be it with semi-custom or custom bathroom vanities, or more broadly, any cabinet-related design element that has to do with a remodeling project, we like to compare and contrast choices. 

When doing so, we usually weigh the pros and cons of each. Also, the costs and benefits of each, which may or may not be synonymous with the pros and cons. For once, though, we’re making a case of benefits and advantages, and we’ve chosen semi-custom bathroom vanities as the subject! Here are the benefits and advantages you need to know of semi-custom bathroom vanities:

Practical Benefits

The practical benefits of semi-custom bathroom vanities are plenty, including first and foremost that they are in every way more personalized than stock vanities while being (generally) much cheaper than custom vanities. Lower cost is always a benefit!

Another benefit is that they fit better than stock vanities while not being as permanent in size and fit as custom vanities. Having the fit that you need while also having the flexibility to change the fit of your vanity is definitely beneficial.

Abstract Benefits

What we mean by abstract benefits is that you may benefit from a semi-custom bathroom vanity in a way that isn’t practical, obvious, or otherwise measurable. Along those lines, an abstract benefit of semi-custom vanities is the value that it may add to your home should you sell it in the future! When house hunting, buyers usually take into consideration the potential costs of remodeling when calculating and making an offer. Semi-custom vanities may provide less costly solutions, taking less away from a potential offer!

Practical Advantages

The practical advantages of semi-custom cabinets are also plenty. Of course, they’re similar to the benefits, but differ slightly with perspective. One practical advantage is the simplicity of the design process. Custom vanities need to be designed from scratch while semi-custom comes in all sorts of materials, colors, styles and sizes.

Another practical advantage has to do with the benefit of being a middle-ground between stock and custom. Where stock vanities would require filler pieces to fit and custom vanities would need to be replaced by further-customized vanities, semi-custom bathroom vanities can be easily altered to add to your storage an organization needs if necessary. If you have a growing family, this is definitely a practical advantage!

Abstract Advantages

Like the abstract benefits of a semi-custom bathroom vanity, what we mean by the abstract advantages can be seen through a more creative or relative lens. An abstract advantage of semi-custom is the design flexibility. Sometimes, the smallest stylistic changes give your bathroom (and your sanity) the needed refresher, and semi-custom gives you that! For example, swapping out your classic cabinet doors to glass-fronted doors can really enhance your bathroom’s overall design.

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