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You Should Consider a Double Sink Bathroom

Reasons to Consider a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

If you are currently remodeling a bathroom in your home, you are aware of just how many decisions there are to make when curating the perfect bathroom for your lifestyle. One of the biggest decisions to make is deciding between a single or double sink bathroom vanity. A double sink vanity can be a smart choice if you have the room. If you need the final push to choose a double sink vanity, consider the following benefits that will accompany this choice:

More Space

It is the simplest yet biggest reason why you should consider a double vanity sink. This type of vanity can create an open feel in your bathroom, despite the actual vanity taking up more of your space. It is all about creating a functional space and optimizing every inch of your room. A double sink vanity can transform a space that would otherwise be wasted into a place that is comfortable to use when getting ready.

Double the Storage

With a vanity large enough for two sinks comes a lot of storage. By opting in for the bigger vanity, you open a world of possibilities for how you store your items and where. You will have a much wider selection of shapes of drawers, organization, and the freedom to fit anything you need under your sinks. 

Not only is the under-sink storage doubled, but so is the bathroom counter. This allows you to keep everyday products on your counter without it having such a cluttered look.

Room to Grow

The more sinks you have, the more people that can use your bathroom at one time when getting ready. A single sink vanity is perfect for a private bathroom, but it can quickly become an inconvenience if or when your family expands. A double sink vanity allows your bathroom to remain functional as the number of those living in your household changes. A double vanity sink is going to offer you the most flexibility to grow with your home. 

Check out our website for the perfect vanity to fit your home and lifestyle. We can help you with the big decisions, small details, and everything in between.

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