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Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom: Trendy Ideas

Modern bathroom design is by itself a trend and has been for some time. Still, the bathroom design-lovers of the world seem to tap into their endless supply of creativity to come up with new ideas and set new trends within trends. That was by no means a complaint, by the way. It would be a tragedy if none of the various bathroom design styles offered anything new each year. Good thing we don’t have to imagine that!

We should try to imagine though, for the sake of it, what this year’s trends and new ideas look like in the modern bathroom. If you don’t feel like doing that, then give a thought to what issues or difficulties you may face in your bathroom over a period of time. Light bulbs go out, cabinet space is sometimes not enough, and we’ve all showered with low water pressure at least once. Well, if you’d prefer to skip that contemplation too, then just read on. Here are the trendy ideas you need to know about for modern bathrooms:

Oval-Shaped Sinks & Bathtubs

Sinks and bathtubs that are oval-shaped have snuck into modern bathroom design trends as we head into 2022. This trend takes the shape-emphasizing part of modern bathroom design to a more comfortable place, and perhaps a higher aesthetic too. The trend probably rode on the coattails of the shift towards organic and natural styles in modern bathrooms.

Wood or Wood-Mimicking Walls & Floors

Walls and floors of wood – especially reclaimed wood – as well as wood-mimicking materials and tiles have crept in as a modern bathroom design trend for similar reasons that oval-shaped sinks and tubs have. This organic, natural leaning that’s, well, naturally spreading through modern bathroom design at the moment has many people opting to make their bathroom look and feel more in touch with nature.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

This modern bathroom design trend is, no pun intended, a big new idea. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are definitely a solution for anyone who feels they don’t have a big enough mirror, or enough overall mirror space. Mirrors add depth and create the feeling of a larger space, so maybe, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, this is for you.

Plants (Of Course)

A case could be made that plants have recently worked their way into almost every category of interior design trends, so yes, plants are trending in modern bathroom design. The more, the merrier we say. As far as design trends go, plants could be the most pleasant and stress-relieving in recent time.


Bathroom design experts and professionals will tell you that lightning is critical in your bathroom, but that it’s especially important for modern design. Why? Lines and geometric shapes are two major features of modern bathroom design, so the right amount, type, and quality of light is necessary. It’s never easy finding the right artificial solution, but a skylight should (during the daytime) help significantly!

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