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windowless bathroom

How to Open a Windowless Bathroom

You don’t need to be a psychologist to understand or feel the effects of natural light on humans. Natural light tends to improve our mood and cognitive ability, while a lack thereof can have the opposite effects. So, what does that mean for a windowless bathroom? 

Especially because we spend a lot of time in bathrooms – important time – if you have a windowless bathroom, it’s critical that you give your attention to it so as not to accept the potential downside of not having natural light. Short of major renovations, like cutting through your bathroom walls or ceiling to make room for windows or a skylight, there are things you can do to help yourself. Here are some ideas on how to open a windowless bathroom:

The Power of White

Colors can be very manipulative when it comes to home design, and bathroom design is not immune. Most design elements often lean on color to set a mood, support a theme, or have some sort of visual illusion or effect. Indeed, certain color schemes can and do also create a more open feel, but nothing reflects light better than white, and because more light means a more open feel, you may want to consider whitening your bathroom a bit.

Magic Mirror Glass

One of the coolest and most impactful ways to make your windowless bathroom feel more open is to increase the amount of mirrors in it. Whether that means you add a second, third, or fourth mirror, add mirror-glass surfaces, or even convert one of your bathroom walls into a floor-to-ceiling mirror, doing so is like magic. It adds the perception of more space, depth, and dimension to a windowless bathroom, and a bathroom without windows needs all of that!

Open Storage

Windowless bathrooms can feel claustrophobic, especially when the storage within is more traditional, or closed. Open cabinetry and shelving can and will quite literally make your windowless bathroom feel more open. For example, skip the usual vanity and go with something more leggy. A bathroom vanity with legs instead of closed cabinets adds more open space!

Layered Lighting

What windows provide during the daytime is a layer of natural light. It even changes its brightness and angle throughout the day, changing the lighting dynamics in ways that only windows can. In order to simulate what windows add to bathroom lighting, and how this affects the feeling of openness, try layering your lighting backlit vanities, hanging pendant lighting, and wall-fixed lighting options

Extra Ventilation

The absence of windows doesn’t only mean no access to natural light, but also less access to fresh air. Given that bathrooms have a wider, and often more adverse, range of smells, scents, and air quality, they need strong ventilation. A windowless bathroom needs to efficiently remove and filter humid, sometimes undesirable-smelling air. You may find that even the sound of a fan adds the sense of a more open bathroom.


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