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The Cabinet Center / Bathroom  / Floating Vanities: How They Impact Your Bathroom
How Floating Vanities Impact Your Bathroom

Floating Vanities: How They Impact Your Bathroom

Bathrooms will always include the essential sink, shower and bathtub areas, and toilet. Some bathrooms will also have a few extra details, such floating shelves or unique takes on the essentials – like the floating vanity. Vanities offer extra counter space for getting ready, extra storage, and are a key feature in the bathroom that will really set the tone for your desired aesthetic.

While there are many different types and styles of vanities, floating vanities can really have a big impact on the overall feel of the bathroom and making it a space you love.

Floating Vanities: Storage space

The traditional built-in vanities will typically offer more storage, as there will be a number of cabinets from floor to countertop. Wall-mounted floating vanities lack these cabinets, but it does allow space for more custom storage options. Consider adding floating shelves under the countertop to bring in some extra space to organize and add decor.

Floating Vanities: Impression

Floating vanities will definitely have a different impression than the traditional vanities, and will give the bathroom a more modern, clean, and streamline effect due to the empty space beneath. This will also really open up the space, helping to give the room a more sizable appearance.


When you have a wall-mounted floating vanity, you’ll also have a lot more flooring visible. This gives you the perfect opportunity to choose a more ornate tile design to lay down that will really add some character to the room. If you have a more simplistic style, consider adding an area rug underneath the floating vanity to bring some texture into the space.


An accent wall is always a simple and impactful way to add more character to any given space, and that goes for bathrooms, too. When you have a floating vanity, the wall is much more exposed, just like with the flooring. This gives you the chance to create a frame-like feature that will, in turn, put your floating vanity on display.

Floating vanities can be a great focal point for any bathroom, but they can also create other opportunities to update more areas of your bathroom as it frees up all new space. During your next bathroom remodel, really consider the benefits of floating vanities to take your home to the next level of design built just for you.

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